Monday, 25 November 2013

Tiptoeing in...

December's not here quite yet. And every year I promise myself not to get tangled up in Christmas until December - preferably mid December - but it's creeping in. Creeping into my thoughts (Christmas songs providing a quiet soundtrack). Creeping into my plans (where we're going, who we'll be seeing, what we'll be eating). And most definitely creeping into my free time.

I'm doing handmade presents as much as I can but obviously can't share much about that. Classified information. But we're also planning the window displays at the shop. And yesterday I made our cards.

I started off by cutting a simple shape from a rubber and experimenting a bit on an old piece of card.

I only had red and black inks. In fact I bought a rather nice pale green-blue too but when I came home and tried it out it didn't actually show up on the card at all. It was from a craft superstore (their own brand). I've got the receipt. My advice: go for the better quality (more expensive) version.

So red and black it was. And once I got stamping I had them all made in no time. Yes, they look home-made but that's the point I suppose. They didn't cost much and it was fun.

Despite Christmas tiptoeing into our house, I'm not writing my cards out yet. That really is a December activity. Well, ritual really. Proper Christmas music - as in the old ones I love, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole and Dean Martin. Mulled wine. Candlelight.

I give in - I'm excited!


  1. I love the beautiful simplicity of your stamped cards, perfect as far as I am concerned. I made our cards this weekend too, much like you using a rubber stamp and i painted a tree. Will blog about these soon xox Penny

  2. Do! I'm looking forward to seeing them :) Lovely to know so many other people are making handmade Christmas things x

  3. Noo .. not Christmas, not yet ... I'm far too busy!!! Gorgeous cards though :)

  4. I know! I don't think I've ever felt so anxious at this time of year. Completely my own fault, but still... good job we don't have any cooking sherry in.

  5. I love your cards...what a fabulous idea. I'm afraid I succumbed today to supermarket cards knowing that making all the cards I need this year (especially the ones that need to go abroad) would be a step to far for me this Christmas. I'm planning to make some cards for family with the girls though. We might go for the potato print holly leaf and christmas tree in brightly coloured paint. Alternatively if bigR has her way it'll be glitter, glitter and more glitter!

  6. You're right, it is tiptoeing in. I really love your cards though - what a great idea to make a stamp from a rubber, that's so clever. x


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