Thursday, 28 November 2013


Yesterday we went out looking for some treasures to bring back indoors for Nature in the Home. There's not much about at the moment. But I did manage to collect some red and green dogwood stems and a few pieces of fir/spruce.

This week's contribution has been a challenge. I couldn't find my secateurs so took a florist's knife. Not only did I slice through the dogwood stems, I also sliced into my thumb. Then stood there in the trees panicking as the blood went everywhere - what if I need it stitching? I can't. I've got Joe to look after! etc. etc.

Anyway, I came home and cleaned myself up (the house then reeked of TCP) and put a plaster over it as tightly as I possibly could. Fingers thumbs crossed it'll be OK.

My apologies for the grainy images. The light levels in this house are so low at the moment it's as though the sky's made of a big grey woollen blanket.

So I've done a bit of editing and actually quite like the effect. It's like some old family photos I have.

I also like the simplicity of the evergreen branches. My Christmas mantelpiece is slowly forming in my mind.

And here's Joe. Unedited but sadly unwell. He's full of a cold and has a nasty cough so we're out a lot trying to get plenty of fresh air. (His hand looks huge here but that's the mitten - he's currently between sizes) :)


  1. Hello, sorry to hear you've been in the wars , and poor Joe does look full of a cold, hope he soon bounces back.
    I've been busy myself, by my lights anyway. We now have two new babies on the way in this family ! and as you know, babies need little sweaters knitting and pram covers crocheting so that's me setting to then .I knit in the afternoons, quilt in the evening then crochet until bedtime !
    Having had 5 children of my own I did think i was a bit short of grand babies only having 2 for years but my sons are finally getting with the programme and things are looking up and i will soon have 5 !
    Anyway try to stop taking lumps out of yourself if you can - tho' i know you artists have to suffer for your art !
    regards Susan x

    1. Hello - and congratulations! Any news on whether you've got grandsons or daughters on the way, or is it too early?
      Perfect time of year to get industrious with the wool too. All those long dark evenings (and days at the moment).
      My thumb seems OK fortunately. I had visions of infections and tetanus injections - there's a rhyme for you! but I dared take the plaster off and all's well. Will take more care in future!

  2. Ouch, hope your thumb is better. It's an exquisitely painful place to hurt yourself, you're reminded of it whenever you do anything. Your spruce looks great I hope that makes up for it a little. I've been hoping my Christmas cactus will have some flowers again this year but I fear our extended stays abroad this year mean they were neglected and so are sadly lacking buds. Poor Joe, I hope he feels better soon. Im a great believer in fresh air when poorly :) Well done on keeping the hat and mittens on...LittleR is Houdini in the making...

    1. Yes - he seems mesmerised by the elastic so no doubt will find a way to shed the mittens. The hat's a snug fit so not that easy to discard - sadly the lovely hand-knitted ones get pulled and stretched beyond recognition.
      As for plant life, I hope your cactus gets some flowers. You never know. They're pretty tough plants!
      My thumb's fine. According to some wisdom courtesy of my mum, extremities always bleed a lot when cut. I must have seen it coming as I took my leather glove off first in case the knife slipped and damaged it. No such concern for my thumb... Strange priorities!

  3. I like the moody effect of these photos. Yes, the light is very low at the moment. I feel like there is a three hour window to take a decent photo of anything, and if I happen to be out of the house then, well forget it! It's very frustrating. I hope your thumb gets better, and Joe too. He looks really fed up in that photo, bless him. x

    1. Thank you - my thumb is on the mend already and so is Joe I think. He's just sleeping it all off, lucky little so-and-so. And it hasn't affected his appetite one bit!


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