Sunday 30 December 2012

In with the old...

You may be a newcomer and be wondering what this blog's all about. Or you may have visited before and are thinking, 'What happened to all the old posts?'

A big old clear-out, that's what. And I've pondered as to whether to start with an explanation, an introduction, a long drawn-out description of what I'm going to write about. The conclusion? I'll just drop things in here and there as I go along.

The basic premise is just that: basic. It's not about New Year's resolutions. It's about simplifying my life (and that includes the lives of my fiance J and baby Joe) - not in a self-denying, spartan kind of way. I'm just a firm believer in simple pleasures, the joys of creating and upcycling, discovering new things.

Expect me to write about all manner of things which I love: being a (new) parent, cooking and eating, fashion, design, books, the outdoors... and all with a thrifty, sustainable slant. Sometimes I might just share, journal-style, what's been on my mind.

So... hello. Please keep visiting.


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