Thursday, 1 December 2016


Well, it's here. And December is definitely chilly. Although that could also be because, as I'm typing, the joiner is in and out of the house sawing and lugging bits of wood about. The back door's been wide open for the past three hours.

And the dust. The. Dust.

I'm having a desk and shelves built into the tiny, awkwardly-shaped workroom. It'll all need painting next. 

This week has been pretty tough. I accompanied my brother to the inquest for his partner's death and it affected me deeply. The verdict was that it could have been avoided had she received the correct medical care. I haven't slept for two nights - last night was spent on the sofa (so as not to wake Jay). My mind's been jumping from one thought to the next.

Sleep will come. But usually this pattern takes several days to dissipate.

On a brighter note (there are many), Joe is delighting us with his rather odd renditions of Christmas carols. He's going to be a shepherd in the school Nativity. I'm attending two showings: one with Jay, the other with my stepdad.

And to add to the dust: glitter. This was the best card. The other trees resemble pylons. I'm just happy he's holding a pen properly...

I've been very busy with work, sending out commissions and printmaking in readiness for the Christmas gift fair next week. After that I'll be able to slow down a bit. And maybe do the grouting in the kitchen.

There's a trip to Hebden Bridge coming up with some of my fellow creative business ladies. We thought it might make a nice change from eating cake around each other's kitchen tables (although that's nice too).

And I've got a few exciting things coming up writing-wise, too, including an interview about my artwork and creative process. More on that in a future post.

The joiner's just clearing up. I'm going to thaw out with a bowl of soup then tackle the cleaning. Damp cloths and the hoover nozzle are the way to go. I hate mess and tried not to show my dismay just now when I noticed a dustsheet had slithered off my bookshelf and everything underneath is now a pale gingery colour. And my recently-fitted carpet looks suspiciously frayed at the edges. A bit like me.

I'll feel better once everything's back where it should be and the dust has been banished.

Wish me luck.


  1. Hello, I often read, but don't post. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother's partner, what an awful loss. Thank you for sharing your December news, I love your direct and to the point posts, there seems to be so much under the surface. Wishing you strength and light.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you have once again been in the saddest of times about your (not sure what to call her so am going to say sister in law) sister in law. I am glad that a verdict has been reached, I hope that it will help you all to take further steps in moving onwards to whatever life will be now. I hope too that lessons will be learned and taken care and note of and that no one else will ever have to suffer whatever she went through and what the rest of you are now left dealing with. Hugs to you all and hopes that December will be as good as it can be for you. xxxx

  3. So very sorry to hear the Coroner's verdict about your Brother's partner, my thoughts are with you both.
    Love Joe's card, good luck with all the positives that are coming your way.

  4. Daunting the dust ... but once done!
    Hope tonite brings you some peaceful sleep.

  5. Wishing you luck and sleep Sarah. That glittery card is very cute!

  6. hope you are sleeping soundly now, such sad news from the inquest xxxx


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