Sunday 14 February 2016

February observations

To those of you who celebrate it: Happy Valentine's Day. To those of you who don't: Happy Sunday.

A few little observations from the weekend. Firstly: I'm glad that several of you are embracing your Highly Sensitive selves. I think there's nothing wrong with being content with who you are; we're not all raving extroverts and it's perfectly fine preferring a quiet night in to being out on the town socialising.

The same goes for all those HSP traits: celebrate them. We notice things and know our comfort levels. We appreciate art and music; we pick up on subtleties and we empathise. And we have vivid, crazy dreams most nights because we're also Highly Imaginative. Hurrah for that.

Which leads me neatly on to another observation: yesterday I met up with Jen in Hebden Bridge, to discuss a little collaboration and to just - well, meet up. It was lovely to be away for a few hours with just another grown up for company. We had an amble by the canal, we mooched around the shops and ate a hearty lunch.

Driving there and back over the moors (there was a flurry of snow too) I realised I don't listen to the radio whilst driving alone. No music, no discussion. Because quiet is so very underrated. Just me and my thoughts - it doesn't happen very often and when it does, I enjoy every second.

Back to Valentine's Day then. We're not big on it in this house. A card, maybe a small treat. Jay bought me some herbal tea and some raw chocolate. It's dairy free, organic and has no refined sugar. I was a bit dubious. 

I was wrong to be. It's rich and buttery - a square or two is enough and it tastes divine. So, observation number three: don't judge a bar of chocolate by its lack of the usual suspects. This stuff could become a new obsession.

And finally... A few stems of something unusual, bought from a florist, can easily surpass anything from the supermarket. It doesn't cost much at all and here I deliberately went for things which would dry out and look interesting for a long time. Eucalyptus, white sea holly and whatever that exotic-looking thing is in the centre. I bought them from The Willow Garden in Hebden, a flower shop of great beauty complete with spiral staircase and galleried upstairs. Sigh.

The sun's out again. We've had another Slow Sunday and it's not over yet. And I'm writing this because next week's half term so I won't have any time off parenting duties. It's now time to go offline again and savour what's left of the weekend.

Have a great half term week - fingers crossed for more sunshine.


  1. I used to love listening to the radio while driving, especially well-curated magazine-format shows with thoughtful hosts and interesting guests. . . . For quite a few years now, though, I prefer the bubble of silence. The same for running -- even for long runs, 18k and more, I'm quite happy to listen to my own inner chatter gradually settling down . . .
    I love all your photos, but that top one is especially great!

  2. I hope you have a lovely week Sarah. Alas our half term was last week, so it's back to school tomorrow. It was a good week though, the memories should see us through the first few days at least. CJ xx

  3. Beautiful observations. We don't celebrate Valentines in our house. Looking forward to finding out what the collab is.

  4. I really love your top photo - so moody and silent and it is lovely to connect with someone who loves some silence. One of my favourite times is on a warm summer's morning, doing the ironing with the back door open and the birds singing for company. When my husband comes he always puts on the radio.

  5. Years ago I would always have the radio or music on when I was at home or in the car,but now I much prefer the silence. Enjoy your half term :)

  6. I hope you have a lovely half term Sarah. I often sit in silence, listening to my own thoughts. I love it. x

  7. I am glad that you are embracing your sensitive self! Happy valentines for yesterday and today! xx

  8. It's such a lovely place Hebden, stayed over Christmas a few times many years ago and have been back just the once with my husband, hope the floods hadn't damaged it to much.
    Look forward to seeing what you have planned..
    Amanda xx

  9. Hey Sarah,
    I love the quiet of the house during a school day. Have a lovely half term.
    Leanne xx

  10. Hi Sarah,

    I'm new to your blog.
    Love your photography which is so "serene" for lack of better words...
    Thank You!

    Greetings from Chicago~


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