Thursday, 16 July 2015

Midweek (sort of) miscellany

Currently, the blog's all about capturing little moments. Despite having a list of post ideas (for Food Memories, Elegant Economy and so on) I'm reduced to keeping things short and sweet. Deadlines loom. House things, exciting as they are, need dealing with. Joe is currently Testing The Boundaries.

Anyway... our week. You know it's a certain time of the summer when there are gladioli in the house. Statuesque, gaudy and another marker of the turning of the seasons. It'll be dahlias next.

We've had some rather lovely weather lately, and lovely weather means lots of walks. This was Joe yesterday heading over to inspect a couple of JCBs (which explains the pointy finger). The Environment Agency are often to be seen near the little park, working on the flood defences. Getting in early before autumn probably.

Although the earth they bank up is quickly covered with wild flowers, and very pretty it all is too.

Yesterday I achieved the almost impossible: an empty laundry basket. I cannot resist the lure of sunshine and breezes. Everything gets washed and hung out on the line.

The scarf is a potential candidate for dyeing. Although it may not be cotton. Who knows? It could turn out to be a bit of a disaster. I'll file it under Future Projects.

The buddleia is getting ready to bloom. Most of the plants outside look fine but despite leaving the hosta alone, the slugs and snails have devoured several things. I wish the birds would concentrate on eating them rather than the strawberries...

Much to Jay's horror I'm going to paint a bookcase with this. It's currently varnished in a dark brown colour and is just crying out to be pink. Well, maybe I'm the only one who can hear the cries but still. I'm going for it. If the end result's a bit much it can happily go in my new workspace once we move. Although I have faith...

I squeezed in a little walk this morning when Joe went to nursery. It was lovely and bright and breezy, so off I went to take a few pictures and get some outdoor therapy before commencing yet more drawing.

One day I'll get some of my photos printed. They'd make good reference material for said drawings.

The little piggies have grown a bit since I last saw them. They trotted over endearingly when they saw me. Yes, I know they were after food but they were perfectly happy having their ears scratched. So that was fine.

I finally managed to find the Holy Grail last week. Well, my own personal one anyway. I've mentioned before that I have a set of 'Anne of Green Gables' books; they belonged to my mum. I grew up reading them and they're one possession I'd hate to ever lose in a house fire or similar catastrophe. Well, one of the series was always missing. I've looked for it for years, both online and whenever I go in a secondhand bookshop. The set I have are published by Harrap and that particular edition was printed in the 1970s. I chanced a quick look on Ebay the other night and there it was. £4.99 and well worth it. My search is over!

Anyway, that's my week so far. One last thing - I received a comment (from Helen) asking about my work last week and where it could be viewed. I'm unable to reply as the comment is 'anonymous' but please feel free to email me directly.

Have a good Friday and a lovely weekend.


  1. My mum had that set of books too (Anne of Green Gables) don't think I ever read them and I am not sure were they are, will have to have a look. Love the pig photo and would be quite happy to have that on my wall, the bramble flowers are looking lovely here to some a shade pink. have a lovely weekend.
    Amanda xx

  2. I am all for a pink book case! I very nearly bought a pink kitchen cabinet today. I like those posts with snippets of your life. x

  3. It's so satisfying isn't it, to find that missing piece! The days are flying by, glad you're making the most of your summer :) xxx

  4. Well done for finding the missing book – how pleasing. Lovely photos as usual Sarah. And as for the pink bookcase - go for it :-)

  5. oh how I love the idea of pink book cases x

  6. Lovely photos and blog, great your business is taking off, well done :)

  7. Piggy snout love! My husband rarely likes any of my decor ideas in theory but once completed it's a different kettle of fish. I am Team Pink all the way!

  8. A pink bookcase will be fabulous Sarah. I'd love to know how you find the Rustoleum paint. I am about to embark on revamping some old and not very pretty furniture for Aobha's bedroom and after painting her bed last year with Annie Sloan I am loathe to repeat the experience. I might stick to eggshell, I seem to have better results with it. Lovely photos as always. I am as obsessed as you, with sunshine and breezy days. We are to have some sun and a strong breeze tomorrow if the weather forecast is to be believed, so I will be attempting an empty laundry basket too. Wish me luck!

  9. Our oldest daughter read and re- read 'Anne of Green Gables' when she was young. She loved them! ( Our daughter has red hair too so I think she identified with her ) Well done on finding the missing book :)

  10. Well done on finding the missing book. I am searching always for a couple of books, so I know how excited you must have been! xx

  11. Lovely to read about your week... And definitely paint the bookcase pink!

  12. You have to paint that bookcase pink, and please show us when it's finished! Well done on the empty laundry basket. I managed an empty ironing basket last week and it was amazing, if brief. Of course it's full again now. x

  13. I have a real weakness for the Anne of Green Gables books. In fact I should read them again but I am always wary of revisiting in case they have lost their magic. Mind you I recently reread Lucy M Boston's Green Knowe books and they were just as magical as I remembered.

  14. I'm all caught up now on your last two posts and the many lovely photographs. I know just what you mean about wandering with the camera setting you up for the rest of the day, it's something I haven't done enough of lately.

    I grew up with two pink bookcases in my bedroom so it seems an obvious colour to me. Happy painting. And I hope all is going well with the move.

  15. Yes to pink. Especially that shade!
    Leanne xx


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