Sunday, 31 May 2015


Here I am, a bit late to the party (again) but hoping to join in with Annie's recent post. I haven't done one of these 'bits and pieces' posts for a while and will hopefully return to my 'Midweek miscellany' thing soon.

So what's been going on around here this past week or so? Sunshine, showers and gusty winds have had everyone asking, "Is it really almost June?" It just isn't very warm. At all. But that hasn't stopped the usual outdoor potterings; lately we've been planting up some goodies we brought home from the plant nursery over the bank holiday.

It's a place in Cheshire, between Wilmslow and Macclesfield. A friend owns it so he kindly fills the boot of the car each year and we come home with lots of free plants. We do pay it forward, though, and share the booty.

Joe loves the visit. There are tractors and chickens and sheep and the odd llama... Not to mention endless greenhouses to explore.

He comes home a very tired little boy.

And he doesn't stop talking about tractors for a very long time afterwards.

In other garden news, the herbs are coming along nicely...

And we picked up a few perennials yesterday from the market: a dark purple aquilegia and a red Geum ('Blazing Sunset').

As well as the usual fruit, vegetables and eggs it's always nice to see what's new in any given week. Hopefully once the local searches are conducted (we're at that stage of the house purchase) it won't be too long until we can put these into the earth.

Outside the gate there's a profusion of flowers. Others, like the lilies, are getting ready to burst open. And the Lady's Mantle should be flowering at some point.

We had a pretty perfect Saturday: a lie-in (thank you Joe), the aforementioned wander around the market, a picnic lunch eaten whilst sitting in the boot of the car, and a leisurely walk. The knowledge that it's leftovers for tea always makes things that bit more relaxed. And the fact that it was takeaway curry from the night before... As I said, perfect.

The riverbank was just dreamy. Wildflowers galore.

Prettiness everywhere.

The hawthorn blossom smelt lovely too. We were lucky with the weather as the sun put in a rare appearance and warmed the flowers; they in turn released that unmistakeable scent that to me encapsulates May.

The bluebells are still out too.

These things don't smell particularly nice. OK, they're a bit stinky. But pretty nonetheless.

Today started off drizzly and grey but we still managed some outdoor time. The lilacs are beautiful, and there seems to be more aquilegia growing all over the place.

Joe had to have his fix of locomotive action...

And as well as the lambs, he was quite taken with these little piglets who have recently taken up residence nearby. They were obviously having a lazy weekend of it.

Back at home I've finally thrown out my flagging birthday flowers and replaced them with a modest posy. A few bits of lisianthus were salvaged from the bouquet but other than that it's centaurea from outside.

And here's a small purchase from the tea room at the church: a belated birthday present from my brother. There are actually seven books in total, all Enid Blyton 'Rewards' titles. I had these when I was little and most have disappeared over time. We have maybe fifteen of them now though, which makes me very happy.

As the weekend winds down I'm going to put a plate pie (mince and onion) in the oven, wait for my stepdad to come and join us for our evening meal, and perhaps go for a little walk afterwards. I hope you had a lovely weekend and that next week's a good one. 

And that the temperatures rise a little. 


  1. What a beautiful plant nursery. I love what you planted and the wild flowers are pretty too. I love that Joe enjoys trains; he looks so happy in that photo. My son loved them when he was little too. It was the highlight of his life when he was about five and he got to ride on a real old locomotive up in the mountains. You'd think it was Christmas and his birthday all at once. :) I hope you have a good week, Sarah.

  2. Nice post Sarah, great photos.

  3. Oh how small boys love ride on machines and trains. Paradise. What gorgeous flowers you have. Is that a red chrysanthemum at the top? It's fantastic. The countryside is blissful at the moment isn't it, but as you say we could do with a little more warmth. It's coming though, it's coming. It's my youngest's birthday this week, and from then on the forecast is set fair. I've told him that summer will be here for him. Glad you had such a good weekend, I hope it's a good week too. CJ xx

    1. I hope summer does come in time for the little one's birthday!
      The flowers in the top photo are cosmos and the bright red and pink one in the next picture is a geranium. I couldn't resist, such vivid colours!
      Happy party planning :)
      S x

  4. What beautiful photos. Your weekend sounds perfect. I do miss my boys being that age when tractors and trains are exciting. They might still smile at the pigs and llama though! Fingers crossed the weather perks up this week.

  5. such lovely flowers everywhere, I love it when spring bursts like this and suddenly everywhere is blooming x

  6. Beautiful flowers. I love the centaurea, such pretty flowers. We have one in our garden but for some reason it always struggles to survive.

  7. What lovely gentle happenings in your part of the world! Some great new books for your collection! xx

  8. Preciosas las flores, aquí en España estamos teniendo una primavera muy fría y no se atreven a florecer, un abrazo.

  9. Lovely photos, sometimes the simple days are the most perfect, wild flowers are wonderful this year, I spent the weekend on the west coast photographing bluebells, stitchwort, ferns and primroses, it was lovely, as for steam engines, they are in my blood, love the smell, noise and atmosphere they have :)

  10. How is it that all boys adore tractors? Happy little smiling faces when any vehicle appears! It amazes me. We too are fans of the car boot picnic and I love the term 'plate pie'. We say 'mince pie' and my Mum makes a great one with mince, onions and peas. Wishing you a great weekend, Bee xx

  11. Lovely lovely pictures (as always on your blog). I had to look twice at what I initially thought was a two headed pig! It feels like summer has arrived here today so I hope the sun is shining down your way.

  12. Lovely happenings. Plate pie - I've never heard it called that before but of course it sums it up perfectly. Joe's face is an absolute picture. Does he also love watching the bin lorry? Angus used to run to the window and stare, rapt, whenever it was bin day. xx


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