Monday 15 September 2014

Branching out

I know many of us see September as a month of new starts. I've always viewed it as my New Year. Maybe that's because I've worked in schools, colleges, universities and careers for so long - you find yourself buying diaries which follow the academic year and you plan your life accordingly. And to be honest, January isn't really the time to feel inspired and energised and resolute. I'm usually feeling a bit low after the great festive comedown. The weather's grim, the days are short and the bank account's looking worryingly depleted. And that's before I even think about all that overindulgence and the resulting sluggishness.

Back to September, then. I'm a bit of a stationery lover so that whole ritual of buying a new pencil case and notebook (or three) at this time of year is always a cause for celebration. And there's so much to look forward to: comfort food, frosts, Halloween, bonfires, anticipation of Christmas festivities.

So, to mark September, a few new projects.

Firstly: one I'm very excited about. Annie from Manneskjur asked if I'd like to be a part of a new website she's launching today. Folklings is a beautiful place to visit: lots of gorgeous photographs accompanied by quotes and links to further reading should you wish to explore a little more. I'm so pleased to be one of the curators and am currently trying to get my head around using Squarespace (I'm determined to master it). It does actually feel like I'm embarking on a new path of learning - again, perfect for this new academic year.

The next project is one of my own. A collaboration between myself and a few fellow bloggers. We'll be posting monthly and, once we've set sail, I'll be inviting a guest blogger along to join us each month.

I've been thinking about this for a while now and the idea's been floating about in my mind for ages. It's a simple concept but one which I hope you'll enjoy. So, time to stop planning and to make a start. Post #1 in the series will be here later this week. 

As well as the bloggy stuff, I'm going to attempt making sushi for the first time ever. My rolling mat arrived in the post a few days ago. And cowl number two is already on the knitting needles - it'll take longer than the last one as the wool's much finer so there'll be many an evening spent clickety-clicking on the sofa.

Are there any projects you've started this month? Do you have plans to begin something new? And is September your time of year for new endeavours?


  1. September always seems to have fantastic energy to it doesn't it. A quickening of the pace and a fizz of excitement. It sounds as if you have some good projects in the pipeline, I'm wishing you very best of luck with them. CJ xx

  2. It really does feel like a time for trying new things and I too am filled with a desire to learn new things. Much more so than in the New Year, where the I always find the pressure of 'New Year New Start' crushingly overbearing.

    Thanks for sharing about Folklings, it really is lovely to have you on board - and I'm looking forward to reading more about your collaborative project later this week x

  3. ooh lots of exciting new things, I do love the start of the academic year, so full of promise and fresh clean pages x

  4. How exciting! I can't wait to hear more about your collaborative project, that sounds fab. x

  5. September is definitely a time for new projects/ideas for me, your new projects sound wonderful and exciting. I am setting up a new rhythm for our home ed after a summer of being out and about every day.

  6. I adore September. it has such a mellow, nostalgic feel to it. it's a month where the change in the air is palpable and delicious.
    'folkings' looks set to be devouring my attention in a few minutes, I think ;)

    as for the new beginnings...I've started my first ever project - a (very) simple raspberry coloured scarf and "the last bear" sits beside my bed.

    good luck to you with all your autumnal creations!

  7. Ooh, lots of lovely stuff to look forward to, for you and us. I think I'm maybe always on the lookout for something new or different (and I find I buy stationery constantly!) but the new year is still, for me, the time when I make those bigger plans for change and write the lists of everything I want to achieve or just do. Maybe it's those 365 blank pages in the diary waiting to be filled. Good luck with the sushi making, by the way.


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