Saturday, 28 December 2013


I hope everyone's having a nice Christmas. We are - and today we headed out for a walk around Dunham. The weather has been wild lately but today it was bright and sunny with no crazy howling winds.

Naturally, we found ourselves in the shop. It was completely empty. I've never seen it so quiet, but I suppose we were out and about quite early. We spent a bit of our Christmas money on a nice Welsh blanket .

Outside was quite busy. I bumped into an old colleague of mine - the Keeper of Archaeology from the Museum - and we had a quick catch-up. It was good to see him.

There were a few frosty places where the sun hadn't reached. I was glad we all wrapped up warm. Joe was the snuggliest though - foot muff, mittens, several layers, hat...

He loved watching all the birds. I've started putting food out for them in the garden at home and we're already being visited by blackbirds, bluetits and two big fat wood pigeons. In fact Jay is in the shed right now, making a bird feeder.

I wore my new wellies. Along with woolly socks and legwarmers.

I also chopped my hair a few weeks ago. Badly. It wasn't a Britney moment - I wasn't mid-meltdown or anything. It was just getting a bit ratty at the ends so I decided to sort it out. Unfortunately I got a bit scissor-happy and took too much off. 

When my mum saw it on Boxing Day she made me promise to book in at a salon and get it done properly. I will. Didn't stop her from grabbing the kitchen scissors and snipping a few bits off herself though.

These look quite spring-like, but we haven't really had a proper winter yet. Although I'm looking forward to 2014. Last year had its low points but in the end we're happy, healthy and Joe makes everything complete.

I've already been doing a bit of organising and decluttering. More on all that stuff in a future post.

In the meantime we're still eating lovely things, staying warm and enjoying time together. Making the most of Christmas.

Hope you're doing the same.


  1. Loving your wintery photos. My daughter panics when I get my sewing scissors out for a quick trim of her fringe!!! Sarah

    1. Oh, you should see the photos of me when I was little! I'm pretty sure my mum must have used a pudding bowl as well as the sewing scissors!

  2. Your photos are lovely ... we haven't ventured out yet ... the weather has been atrocious and I managed to get a festive treat in the form of shingles so I've been wrapped up indoors ... I am really looking forward to a lovely walk in the woods though ... wishing you a happy new year ... Bee xx

    1. Happy New Year to you too - and I really hope you're feeling a bit better by then. Maybe a few more days and you'll be able to get out for an amble on New Year's Day.
      Fingers crossed the weather improves too. We've not had it too bad judging by the stuff I've seen on the news.
      Get well soon x

  3. Joe always looks like the happiest baby. I know you have chronicled on this blog that perhaps he isn't always happy (in shops and such places) but he looks healthy and happy and relaxed in this last photo. Happy New Year to all of you!

    1. Happy New Year to you!
      Joe is usually a very happy baby - content and confident and silly :) Although your comment made me laugh because the only time he started complaining today was in the National Trust gift shop!
      Maybe I should start looking into how I can get him to like shops... I suspect teething doesn't help at the moment. Having said that he does enjoy riding in a shopping trolley...

  4. Beautiful photos. Glad you've had a good time over Christmas. There's nothing like a good walk afterwards too. I think more wild weather is coming, so it's good you got out while the sun was shining.

    1. We did have a good time - I hope you did too. I'm really hoping the weather's nice for Wednesday as we have a family walk and winter picnic planned, back home in the Pennines.
      The Pennines and winter sunshine are hardly synonymous so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. These are beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing your family walk with us readers. I am glad the storms have passed for now, I hope you have not been too badly affected. We've been lucky this time round. It is good to have a bit of dry weather for once!
    I have never taken scissors to my own hair but have cut my kids' (badly of course) and my daughter Annie cuts hers all the time, also badly.
    I love your wellies and I am adding a pair on my growing list of things to save pennies for.
    An add on to Jayne's comment above, and your reply: my son James turns into an uncontrollable and unrecognizable creature the moment we enter a shop. Any shop. Every time. And unfortunately he is too big for the shopping trolley now. Some men just don't like shopping! xx

    1. I think it must be programmed into small boys - although we went to the supermarket today and Joe was fine with it. It's just the smaller (and nicer) shops he has issues with. Typical! Maybe he's trying to help me curb my spending ;)
      I started a secret board on Pinterest with a wishlist. I'm thinking of putting a few pounds away each week into a pot so next Christmas I'll have a treat fund saved. Old-fashioned but effective!
      I hope you had a lovely Christmas and best wishes for the New Year x

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you - think the online editing tools helped! if you're interested. Annie at Knitsofacto put me onto that one.
      Hope you're having a fun Christmas :)

  7. You got in on a good day - Wendy (son's partner/Dunham NT ranger) was glad they didn't open the park on Friday - it's closed when wind speeds go over 50mph - or it would have been her job to do that and lock all the gates ... there are 52 of them!

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful year in 2014 x

  8. I bet she was relieved! All those trees - I'd be running around in a crash helmet! It was a lovely still day yesterday - as much as I love high winds and bluster I prefer to save those for when I'm up on the moors.

    I hope you have a great 2014 too. I'm really looking forward to it x


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