Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmassy things

Here's Mr Noisy. Still teething. Still not his usual cheery self. But today we braved it and went to Ramsbottom to meet up with my family and exchange gifts. And eat, and drink tea, and buy a few last-minute presents.

I was half expecting a repeat of last week's visit to Hebden Bridge: a lot of apologetic pram-reversing out of shops as Joe objected loudly. He did. But we persevered. And everyone was very nice about it, probably because:

There were some very tuneful carol singers outside the church. Joe tolerated I Saw Three Ships, but drew the line at The Holly and the Ivy. Which was a shame because I like it.

Later on, the Rotary Club took over and put Band Aid on at ear-splitting volume. The man in charge of the speakers was very flustered. Everyone was standing around with their hands over their ears.

It's not quite Christmas yet but I'm really looking forward to 2014. I have to think positive: it will be the year I get to move back home. Joe will pick up a reet broad Lancashire accent ;)

The market was packed with people buying their trimmings for Christmas dinner. They were all queuing under the leaden skies with baskets full of sprouts, parsnips and potatoes. In fact by the time we got there they'd sold out of Maris Pipers completely. And if that doesn't sound like something a very old lady might report, I don't know what does.

I bought some chestnuts. Which means I'll be looking up how to cook them. Jay suspects I need an open fire a la Nat King Cole, but I'm sure our oven will do the job very nicely. I'm also planning to make some mulled wine later (must rifle through the cupboards in search of spices).

Last night we dropped Joe off with his grandparents for a few hours while we bought a few things from M&S. There's a gargantuan one not too far away on a retail park, and surprisingly it was fairly quiet. Toys and books were all 50% off which was good. I bought some nice things for my little niece and a couple of rolls of lovely vintage-style wrapping paper.

And a bottle of prosecco to celebrate Jay finishing work for Christmas. Once Joe was snuggled up in bed we had a drink and relaxed.

Oh, and I've already spent my Christmas money. I'm currently a Girl of Slender Means, what with staying home with Joe. I don't really miss earning a nice salary and constantly buying things. But it's nice to treat yourself. These days, that's restricted to birthdays and Christmas. It makes you think hard about what you'd really like. You have to wait.

I did. I put these on a secret Pinterest board. I looked them up online. I admired them for a long time. And today I went into the riding shop and made a purchase. 

Expensive, but worth it. I love them. And very festive: red and perfect for splashing about on sleety walks. They should last me for many years to come.

Hope you're enjoying the season...


  1. Gorgeous Wellies, well worth the wait I should think. Looks like you have been having a busy build up to Christmas, I do hope you all have a glorious and magical Christmas xox Penny

  2. I know just what you mean about the loss of disposable income. I mourned mine, then I got over it. I ask for cash for Christmas or birthdays now and, a few years ago, bought myself some yellow hunters. They were a great investment and are still going strong.

    Your comment at mine about failing to hand make your have a (teething!) baby. I have two kids in school and lots more free time. So don't feel bad about not making stuff. Even with my supposed hours of child free time, I am a total last minute girl and doubt very much that my husband will have a finished scarf on Christmas Day. x

    Merry Christmas to you, blogging friend. x

    1. Thank you. Maybe we can compare unfinished scarves in the new year!
      Sarah x

  3. You seem to be having a lovely busy festive season ... and your new wellies were certainly worth the wait ... they're gorgeous! Wishing you a great Christmas and a Happy New Year ... Bee xx

    1. Same to you! Jay thinks the wellies photo looks like I'm advertising Hunters but I don't care! Can't wait to wear them...
      Enjoy the festivities x

  4. I have a soft spot for roasted chestnuts, childhood memories come flooding back. We used to buy them from small stalls in town, wrapped in a double paper cone, one half for the chestnuts, the other for the skins. Make a sharp longish cut on the flat side of the chestnut before you roast them in the oven, or on the barbecue if it is not tucked away for the winter. The cut will open a little when roasting, making it easy to open the chestnuts. Enjoy! The weather forecast is for heavy rain in Britain, you'll be able to use your Hunters in style!

    Have a very merry Christmas with your family. Cx

    1. And a merry Christmas to you and yours...
      Thanks for the advice on cooking the chestnuts too. It's extremely helpful - I think I'll do them tomorrow (Christmas Eve) and eat them whilst wrapped in a blanket :) x

  5. lovely christmas post !
    wishing you all the very best
    susan x

    1. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope the weather isn't too awful over your way... I'm crossing my fingers New Year's Day is nice so we can head over for a family walk xx


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