Sunday 31 March 2013

Easter weekend

I usually post about specific topics but this has been a nice spring-like weekend with plenty of walking and family time (and more to come). Our house is - so far - an Easter egg free zone but we've still had some presents, like pots of miniature daffs wrapped in brown paper.

Yesterday we went with Jay's mum for a bit of an amble down a local farm track and said hello to some horses. I'd forgotten to bring any Polo mints but they didn't seem to mind.

We spotted lots of nests, like little twiggy teacups, in the bare branches of the hedgerows.

Today we went to Lancashire for a longer walk. It was colder up there: 3.5 degrees colder, according to the display in the car.

Joe and me wore our woolly hats to keep the cold out.

There was still a bit of snow about and lots of icicles in the woods. Oh, and we met up with my brother. We used to go on long walks a lot before having our own families - now it's a very occasional thing. Hopefully when we sell the house and move back we can do it more often.

I saw my first lambs of the year - so cute. Some had little plastic coats on. 'Lamboraks'...

Later this afternoon we're baking a cheesecake. There's a family gathering tomorrow for a birthday celebration and we're doing the dessert. Jay loves baked cheesecake. I'm quite partial to it myself.

I hope everyone's having a nice relaxing long weekend :)


  1. Gosh ! its not often i see a view of knowl hill on a blog post ! lovely photographs... you must be tough walking out to get them, it really is terrifically cold round here.
    happy easter

  2. Isn't it? Doesn't put me off moving back though - if the house ever sells!
    Hope you had a nice Easter.

  3. What a lovely, lovely walk! Those lambs are so sweet.

  4. Hi! They are cute - I got to hold one a few years ago when we went to the Yorkshire Dales. It was light as a feather and all sleepy. One of my favourite things I've ever done!


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