Tuesday, 15 October 2013


I'm surprised I've got any teeth left (admittedly, they have been a bit achey of late) considering the amount of sugar consumed in this house during the past week.

I ate the golden toffee apple. The red one belongs to Jay. He hasn't succumbed yet. This is known as Self Control. I've yet to experience it.

Plummy plums - how can you not buy them at this time of year? 

They're stewed now. I'm considering making a crumble (there's a bowl of Bramley and sultana compote in the fridge already so that's breakfast dealt with).

These are the culprits where toothache's concerned. Treacle toffee. Part of my autumn ritual. Strange, as I don't generally have a sweet tooth. I'd prefer to snack on savoury things like salted nuts or crisps, or cheese. Which is precisely the reason why I tend not to buy them for myself. Apart from at Christmas...

Jay's birthday cake ended up being carrot (with cream cheese frosting). I know 'frosting' sounds a bit American but it most definitely isn't icing. It's buttercream with plenty of vanilla extract and Philadelphia beaten in.

The cake didn't last long. It never does around here.


  1. That carrot cake ... yum, just yum! (Annie heads off in search of Philadelphia frosting recipes :) )

    1. Hi - the cake (and frosting) are from Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros. The best carrot cake recipe I've ever tried!

  2. I think of "icing" as water or lemon juice mixed with icing sugar, like the sort you'd put on a fairy cake, whereas "frosting" is full of butter and cream cheese and is heavenly. I resisted calling it frosting for years then caved in. What a lovely post full of visual treats. I made toffee apples last year but the toffee was a bit burnt - I'll have to have another go this year. And treacle toffee - oh yum. Perfect for this time of year. xx

    1. I'd love to try toffee-making (and fudge too, for that matter). One day... and I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a problem with the word 'frosting' but yes, icing is very different. Luckily I'm partial to both!


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