Tuesday, 22 October 2013


I can't believe it's mid October already. Lots of little things going on at the moment: Joe's becoming quite the accomplished walker. I spend much of my time watching him. An extra pair of eyes (in the back of my head) would be useful.

I've seen lots of vivid autumnal colour in the form of berries but also leaves - on my way to collect Joe from his grandparent's today (after a window-dressing session) I saw a spectacular Japanese maple. It lit up someone's garden on a gloomy, wet day.

I'm not tired of treacle toffee yet. Latest incarnation: lollies.

Two lemon polenta cakes. One to take to our friend's house (we were there for an autumn barbecue on Sunday) and one to keep at home. Jay insisted. He has a very sweet tooth and, fortunately for him, a very fast metabolism.

We've been out walking (in between rain showers) and spotting little seasonal details.

Like frilly funghi...

And more substantial-looking examples. In fact we also spotted a forager with a bag full of various funghi. I hope he knew what he was doing.

I'm excited about this one: we're going to the private view of Angie Lewin's upcoming exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in November. I totally 'get' why people keep invitations on their mantelpieces. Not to impress others (I just emailed to request two places for the private view) but to enjoy the anticipation every time you notice them. Nice picture, too.

I'm still knitting. This one's for a Christmas present. Rowan's 'Cocoon' again, shade: Seascape. I couldn't resist anything with that name.

I've been wrapping up in tartan. I love it, both to wear and as upholstery and furnishing fabric. In fact there's a very large piece upstairs in my fabric trunk. The colours are a bit blah but maybe I'll try dyeing it.

I hope you're enjoying the autumn. The only thing I'm not too keen on is the dark mornings. The evenings are fine though - the perfect excuse to hibernate. Warm clothes, hearty food, hot drinks... and very occasionally something decent to watch on the TV.


  1. I love Angie Lewin's prints. It sounds like a great day out.

    1. Even better - an evening out! There are speeches and quite possibly canapes (hence the excitement).

      It's a long time since I went to a private view. I can't wait!

  2. Oh wow, enjoy the Angie Lewin viewing - love her work. Love your seasonal detail shots too, especially the frilly fungi!

    1. Thank you! And I can't wait for the viewing. I really wanted to visit an exhibition earlier in the year: ten printmakers (including her) but couldn't make it as it was in Edinburgh.

      I may be in trouble if the shop's open during the event!

  3. I like Angie Lewin's stuff too. I also love YSP. We went to the Miro exhibition last year and it made me very very happy indeed!

    1. It's a shame the event's an evening in November. But I've been wanting to visit YSP for ages and hopefully we'll go back during the daytime with Joe. I bet it's a great place to visit on a frosty day...

  4. lovely post , lovely little Joe !
    you make me want to bake.... parkin I think ! Aunty Hilda's old old recipe.
    Happy times Susan x

  5. Oh, I love parkin! It's one of those cakes which tastes better after a few days. Hope you enjoy it :)

  6. What a lovely photo of Joe. Hope you enjoy the event at the YSP. I cannot get enough of the shop (or the cafe!!) there. I'm also loving the look of your lemon polenta cake...
    N :)

  7. It was very tasty (note the past tense) - Nigella Lawson's baking recipes are always pretty reliable. Although it should have been a round cake. Loaf tins were the only way I could get two equal-sized ones...

    I'm really looking forward to YSP. As for the shop... I love the shops at museums and galleries. The one at the Tate in Liverpool is wonderful. Funnily enough, the shop at the university museum where I worked was grim: lots of tat and hideous Egypt-themed ornaments. At least there was never any temptation to spend - even with my staff discount!


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