Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Saying one thing but meaning another

Today's post really is sent to you from the blustery North. The past two days have been cold, wet and windy.

My parents just returned from a long weekend in Whitby which by all accounts was surprisingly sunny and reasonably warm. Having spoken to both of them on their return, we complained about how awful the weather in these parts is at the moment. 

But actually, I like this kind of weather. Maybe it's because I'm still getting used to it after that searingly hot summer. More likely is the fact that I do like it. Even the staying indoors doing housework part of it. I've made a big pan of soup, read to Joe and (when he has a nap) knitted like crazy. I've enjoyed the fresh smell when I open the kitchen door and the upstairs windows, and I've watched the wind whipping the trees about.

I follow Very British Problems on Twitter ('Spending the entire evening debating whether or not to put the heating on' and 'Saying "It's definitely getting chillier" upwards of fifty times a day'), and we all know that talking about the weather is very British. Complaining about it is also a national pastime. But in reality I like wellies and umbrellas and puddles. A true pluviophile (as mentioned in an earlier post).

Having said that, the forecast for tomorrow says it'll be dry so I'm going out for a walk before cabin fever sets in.


  1. I have also made a big a pan of soup and knitted like mad. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who likes the autumnal weather (I like ice and snow even more) I actually get quite irritated with people who can only be happy when the weather is 'good' and who moan continually when it isn't.

    1. It's strange isn't it, whenever I say I love snow people respond by telling me how much they hate it.
      One of my favourite times ever was living at Bond Street up that steep little lane and being snowed in. Peace, quiet and a well-stocked kitchen. Bliss.

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    1. Thank you! I'll be visiting your blog too - it looks lovely x

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    1. Thank you! I'm getting a bit concerned over my seed-head obsession though!

  4. Ooo I do like this post ! So funny, so true. I will have a look at that on twitter.
    Sorry not to have been around much with the comments but I have been teaching myself to hand piece quilt blocks and strips and I am so enjoying myself that I go on and on and on and forget everything else. I am making a medallion quilt and it is really fun.
    Anyway its nice to hear your news and you seem very happy just now, hope that aint all front !
    And Joe is one !!!!! bless him. It's a lovely age.
    Happy autumn love Susan xx

    1. Hello! I was thinking about you yesterday... Glad you're enjoying such an absorbing, relaxing activity.
      I am happy despite a bit of bad luck recently but if I'm one thing it's an optimist. In fact as soon as we get this house sold (not 'if', but 'when'), we're planning on moving back to Edenfield. I loved it there and it could definitely be home for the next phase of our lives. The primary school even has a little patch of woodland with tree stumps for the children to sit on and listen to stories.
      And the chip shop's rather good. Ditto the butcher.
      Sorry, I'm rambling.
      Nice to hear from you, and happy autumn indeed. And happy quilting! S x


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