Monday, 16 September 2013

Early autumn at the allotment (part two)

I promised a second post about our recent visit to Jay's Auntie Cath's allotment near Liverpool (and I was snap-happy so came away with a ton of photos). 

One of the best things about allotments is that they're little communities with people each doing their own thing: some are all about impeccably tidy plots with flowers growing for cutting whilst others are real working spaces with little regard for prettiness and a focus on functionality.

There were some late roses blooming. They were just asking you to go and stick your nose inside and inhale deeply.

This 'pond' is sited on the abandoned plot Cath has her eye on. I love the whole idea of re-using an old bathtub.

There were lots of plummy plums growing - hopefully they'll be picked and eaten. There's no sadder sight than a fruit tree with all its harvest lying rotting on the ground. I'd love an apple, pear or plum tree - people who have them are very fortunate. 

These were growing on the empty plot too. I took a few stems for my everlasting display in the kitchen.

I'm not sure why but abandoned gardens always seem to have an old mirror lying around. I kept a respectable distance - seven years' bad luck is not what I need at the moment.

Cath sent us home with lots of produce including these huge yellow courgettes. They were promptly added to stir-fry, soup and a big batch of tomato sauce. The freezer's very well-stocked at the moment. In fact I've recently started daydreaming about getting one of those big chest freezers. 

Once upon a time I dreamed about expensive shoes and bags.

I don't miss that.


  1. You're a gal after my own heart, I'd rather stockpile wholesome food than shoes any day.

    1. Yes, wandering around a market is definitely preferable to trying to force my feet into something far too narrow for them!


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