Friday, 20 September 2013

Afternoon delights

Figs, honey and Greek yogurt. Figs are one of the most beautiful fruits to look at: the purple-blue skin, the rose-coloured flesh (pretty vegetables would have to include artichokes and those blue-green squash).

A tester print from a lino cut of a sunflower seed head. A bit patchy but that can be remedied - I'm happy with the actual cut so that's the hard work done...

I recently bought an old-school spider plant from a stand run by volunteers from a mental health charity. Spider plants are actually quite hard to get hold of these days. They must be out of fashion. And I mean 'old school' quite literally - they remind me of the dusty windowsills of my primary school classroom.

It seems quite happy in the kitchen but I don't know how to take these little spiderlings off and plant them. Google, here I come.

I always have dark chocolate in the fridge. Jay brought this one home: dark chocolate with cocoa nibs. I can't leave it alone. Little crunchy, smoky-tasting bits inside. We will be stocking up.

We've been harvesting the chillies and stringing them up to dry.

These Honesty stems were growing by a lane I walked along with Joe on Wednesday so they've been added to the enamel jug on the table.

Do not adjust your set... a bright orange gourd turns luminous in the afternoon sun.  

Sea-holly shadows on the blackboard: it was a bit of a challenge getting this photo as the sun kept disappearing behind fast-moving clouds. 

We've been out walking a lot this week, enjoying the freshness in the air and spotting conkers, toadstools and the leaves turning brown.

I love Friday nights. There's a bottle of prosecco in the fridge waiting to be opened, a blanket on the sofa to curl up underneath and a programme I recorded from BBC Four on knitting. Sounds dull, looks good. Hope you have a nice weekend!


  1. Bugger, I forgot to record the knitting programme. Never mind, I love Friday nights too and I especially love seeing your fabulous sunflower print.

    1. Thanks - I'm hoping people at the craft fair on Saturday will like the prints too.

      Maybe the knitting thing's on iPlayer? Funnily enough I only got part way through because I couldn't give it my full attention as I was busily knitting. I'll go back to it sometime over the weekend...

  2. What a lovely post again. You are clever, you grew those perfect chilli looking chillies and you made that really good lino print and all your photo's are really good, that fig one looks so real and juicy that I am sure I could pluck one from the screen...I hope your Jay notices what a prodigy you are !!
    I think you're right about spider plants too, I haven't seen one in years and they used to be in every office and we had several at home. I wonder why a plant should be out of fashion,but they are. It's not too long ago that dahlias were out, and where now could you go to find those huge mop headed rusty coloured chrysants ? I used to love them and their smell.
    thanks for your nice response. Am now off to bed as it's pretty late for me and I want to read for a bit.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Susan xx

    1. You too.

      I love mop-headed crysanths and dahlias too. And zinnias. As for the chillies, I have to give Jay the credit for those. Last year they didn't do too well at all but this time around we've got a bumper harvest. Should come in handy over the winter x

  3. Stunning photos and I love your seed head print. I agree that figs look beautiful, but have never really liked the taste of them ( unless dried). Maybe I'm just preparing them in the wrong way or perhaps the ones I've bought have not been completely ripe.

    1. Thank you - and figs are a bit of an odd flavour I suppose. They certainly look a lot more interesting than they taste: not very sweet (hence the honey) and they tend to be better paired with salty/sharp flavours.

      Apparently they're nice with goat's cheese but I'm not a big fan of it...

  4. Wow, what a fantastic sunflower head Lino print- you are clever! I've been reading your blog for ages , but have probably never commented. I love your photos, news and artwork. Thanks for blogging. Love Penny L in Dorset

    1. Thank you! I'm still to progress to printing with more than just one colour - maybe I should just take the plunge and stop assuming it will be difficult!

      Thank you for reading. It's always lovely to 'meet' new people, and to know my ramblings are of interest.

      Sarah x


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