Saturday, 14 September 2013

A night out and a day at home

Jay's week off wasn't quite as relaxed and stay-at-home as we'd planned, so this weekend we decided to do very little. Having said that we did go into Manchester last night to see these. It was loud, sweaty and very crowded.

We left with our ears ringing and stopped off for junk food on the way home. The last time we watched them was in the same venue a couple of years ago, long before we had to consider babysitters.

Joe actually had a lie-in this morning (possibly because he's on medicine for an ear infection) so we had an easy day: I did a bit of making for the craft fair then we had a wander around the Moss in the afternoon sunshine.

It was slightly chilly but just right for me. In fact I decided that if I had to choose a time of year to be stuck in for eternity, this would be it.

Now Joe has his new carrier we can go off-piste a bit. So we wandered down to an open area which is a preserved peat bog. There were lot of blackberries. Fat, juicy blackberries.

I can only assume they're so good because of the soil. That and the fact that they get bright sun for most of the day.

Oops. I told you they were juicy. And no, that is not suitable foraging footwear. The picking session was an impromptu one.

Tomorrow: apple and blackberry crumble with custard.


  1. I love blackberries and there is something very satisfying about food for free!

    1. I love the whole foraging concept. The blackberries smelt lovely and jammy when they were cooking down with the Bramleys... I got two crumbles out of them too :)

  2. The blackberries here are still barely ripe, and I'm longing to taste them.

    1. I hope they're worth the wait. I suspect those back home in the Pennines are still a bit green too.


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