Friday, 23 August 2013


I had lots of lovely photographs to share in today's post but it's been a bit of a rubbish day to be honest. There are three unrelated images from my archives instead. Unrelated, but some of my favourites. The lovely, post-themed photos are lost forever. Explanation below...

The 'Threes' thing is to do with the old saying that bad things come in them. Bad Thing #1: my garden plants have been decimated by an assortment of bugs, grubs and caterpillars. A lovely dahlia has been eaten alive before the buds opened into flowers. The gooseberry bushes are mere skeletons. Slugs have put holes in the hosta. Everything else looks a bit - well, awful. And it's Joe's birthday party next weekend. We need to get things looking presentable again. If only there was a bank holiday weekend coming up...

Another Bad Thing: some people have moved in across the road with the noisiest dog ever. As in, they leave it outside all day (and evening) and It. Doesn't. Stop. Barking. I'm on my last nerve. I glimpsed the owners earlier - they looked a bit scary. So I'll just keep the windows closed and try and tune the barking out.

It did push me into changing estate agent though... something we'd been meaning to do for a while. Nothing like desperation to make you get things done.

Bad Thing #3: this is really bad. As in, using some very bad language and then guzzling a bottle of beer bad. I accidentally sat on my laptop. My shiny, recently-purchased laptop. It was open and in use (I'd been choosing those lovely photos I mentioned earlier) and I got up, sat back down and there was a horrible crunching noise. LCD screen crushed. 

We still have Jay's laptop, fortunately. And a hard drive full of photos.

Anyway - I bought a lottery ticket. Surely I'm due some good luck? 

I'm feeling a bit more positive now. The beer possibly helped. Some chocolate didn't do any harm either. And the long weekend promises lots of relaxing, cooking, making and family time.

Enjoy your weekend. And a word of advice: always check behind you before you sit down.


  1. Oh dear :( Munched veg is never good, neither are barking dogs, but smashed screens? Booo! Beer and chocolate sounds like good self-medication. Hope it can be sorted soon and your bank holiday weekend is better!x

    1. Thanks! It is getting better - apart from that dog!!! Hope your weekend's going well. I'm loving the fact that it's Sunday evening but we don't have that Sunday evening feeling :)

  2. Bad words and alcohol seem totally justified. Hope life improves soon. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. By the way thanks so much for your encouraging words about my taking up drawing again, I haven't opened my sketchbook yet but I will.

    1. Hello! I know you will - it's one of those things where you have to be in the right frame of mind. Peace and quiet and a nice place to sit work for me...
      Think the laptop screen's replaceable (at a cost). The garden's been tidied and cleared. Sadly the dog barks on. The problem lies with the owners I suppose.
      Earplugs are very useful, I find!

  3. Oh no, poor you! Hope your weekend gets much better and the laptop can be fixed! x

    1. Hi! I think we can get it fixed and at least we still have this one - I'll never complain about how old and slow it is again!
      Enjoy your weekend and take lots of lovely pictures x


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