Monday, 19 August 2013


I'm really loving this time of year: the heat has gone out of the air, new things are appearing in hedgerows and we're going to Ramsbottom market on Saturday to see what's new on the fruit and veg front.

Speaking of air... I've had the windows and back door open constantly. It feels fresh and vaguely autumnal. As a teenager I used to wander the house with my arms folded tightly across my chest and a permanent scowl on my face because my mum would insist on having the windows open, even in cool weather. Now I'm just the same.

And speaking of hedgerows - here are some rosehips from a little afternoon jaunt Joe and I took earlier. I love having them in the house and they always go in the same vase.

I've been making a few things lately. A bit of paper-folding resulted in some cute little bookmarks.

And an origami harebell. This was definitely a case of beginner's luck though. Later attempts went into the recycling bin. I need a printable set of instructions rather than online video tutorials I think...

I haven't embroidered anything since I was at school (hence the simplicity of this little picture). I really enjoyed it though and am now on the hunt for more embroidery hoops. I know I had a bigger one somewhere but it seems to have disappeared...

There was a printmaking session yesterday afternoon. I know you've already seen the toadstool design. Others I'm happy with: acorn, pinecone, Russian doll, seed head, dandelion clocks. Not so much: pumpkin (will re-draw and cut), leaves (won't bother).

It's part of the process I suppose: some you win, some you discard.

I'm also knitting lots of pairs of wristwarmers. And have found a stash of vintage buttons for embellishment. The craft and vintage fair is six weeks off and I'm getting ever so slightly panicky (hence the industriousness). It's a good job I enjoy doing it though, or what would be the point?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the weather for the next few weekends. We have blackberry picking plans for Saturday and the Saturday after that is Joe's first birthday party. Barbecue, birthday cake and (hopefully not) brollies.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


  1. Industrious is certainly the word!

  2. Just hope I can keep the momentum going...


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