Monday, 26 August 2013

A simple Saturday

After a run of bad luck (see my previous post) I've cheered up a bit - the garden has had a much-needed clear-out, we've looked at laptop repairs and several neighbours have joined forces re. dealing with Barky Dog (well, his owner).

On Saturday we had a jaunt to Ramsbottom to buy our provisions from the market. We picked up some nice things like Kentish cherries and Yorkshire strawberries. The last of the summer. There were damsons and plums too. I love autumn food. Not too sure whether a cone of chips is particularly seasonal but they tasted very nice.

The plan was to go blackberry picking so we headed to Chatterton and set out for a walk along the old railway line to Irwell Vale.

It was a bit overcast but that didn't bother us. It's par for the course around here anyway. And I love the smell of damp leaves and soil - these pictures conjure up that smell all over again.

All the blackberries were still at that greeny-red stage so we'll go back in a week or two. Jay's booked the first week of September off and I can't wait.

I have an aversion to throwing food away. We tend not to eat bread crusts for some reason. I keep some for blitzing into breadcrumbs but went through the freezer and fished out all the odd ones lurking in between more enticing things. There was a lot of bread. And I know who appreciates it.

It looks like this could be one for the diary too. Not long until September. It's Joe's first birthday on Thursday  - the past year has flown by.

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  1. We went blackberrying yesterday as well. But only got a handful because, like you, we found they were not ripe. A couple more weeks to wait!


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