Monday, 12 August 2013

Indoor transition

I'm a bit preoccupied at the minute with summer coming to a close. Of course, there are things I'll miss: drinking elderflower cordial; raspberries and cherries; light mornings and evenings (and going upstairs early so we can watch the dusk from the comfort of the bed). 

But the thing is, if these things were there all year round we'd have nothing to get excited about. 

So today I'm focusing on the little signs of the new season which are dotted around the house. Like these Bramleys. I love them - they always look a bit scarred and homely but they're British grown and they mean I'll be making a crumble this week.

I bought some asters for the mantelpiece. I like the pinky-red ones best. Seasonal flowers are always lovely; I spotted gladioli too but they didn't have any in my favourite dark, inky purple shade so that can wait.

Flowers in season are always inexpensive too - an affordable treat to add to the shopping basket.

A dried stem now lives in a vase on the bedroom windowsill. I always take a small pair of secateurs when I'm out walking with Joe.

I mentioned in my last post we'd collected some pinecones. Now in the living room near the fire (thankfully we shouldn't be needing that for a while yet).

I've been making a few autumnal lino prints too, like this little toadstool. I've already drawn out and cut designs of leaves, seed heads and acorns. Next up: a pumpkin (currently at the sketch stage).

Last week's sunflowers. Petals gone, heads drying out in the kitchen. I think I actually prefer them petal-less. There are plenty out in the garden too. I'll leave some out for the birds and squirrels but will harvest a few more for drying. They'll make good subjects for drawing and for displaying in a jar or bowl.

Much as I like fresh flowers, I love more permanent touches of nature in the house: shells, pebbles, seed heads, feathers... Collecting them is almost as much fun as displaying them.


  1. Beautiful photos as always! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your linocuts too.

    1. Thank you... I've just done a pumpkin one which I'm a bit unsure about but will get printing this weekend and share:)

  2. lovely photos, as ever ! i have those asters too and i like all the other things you mention except feathers. i think i'm a bit feather phobic, quite irrationally .
    i have been a bit ( a lot) lazy on the housework front this week enjoying myself hand quilting a red patchwork quilt i hand pieced and in between pegging away at a crochet hexie blanket. also reading 'til my eyes itch ! naughty !
    don't look too soon for autumn, it is my favourite season too and i like winter... but i think we all need a bit more sun this year, tho' not that dratted heat.
    love susan x

  3. Hello! Nice to hear you're busy making things... quilts and blankets. Sounds lovely. It has cooled down a bit, although I was out yesterday and it was humid and a bit much. They've forecast a windy weekend which I love (especially for a walk on Holcombe moor) although I suspect I might be alone in that!


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