Friday, 16 August 2013

In between

Joe's first pair of 'proper' shoes, purchased yesterday. He was measured up and my mum and me chose these as they're traditional-looking and cute.

He's cruising along the furniture and has three top teeth coming through now, to add to his two bottom ones. 

And he's growing fast - not a little baby any more but not quite a toddler yet either. It's exciting but sad in some ways. The gummy smile will be gone for ever soon. And then he'll start walking.

Still, there are lots of things to look forward to: hugs, wellies, his first bike... and his birthday at the end of the month. I love him so much!

There, sentimental post over. I'll be back at the weekend with pictures and goings-on. Hope you enjoy yours, whatever you have planned (we're having a strictly three-of-us-only weekend)...


  1. I just love baby shoes, so cute.

  2. Aren't they? Another future addition to the keepsake box...

  3. Aw ! he is adorable ! do you see him walk looking down at the new shoes ? it must feel so odd, constrained feet. the first hint as you say of the loss of babyhood. Still you've a ways to go yet eh ? he's still eager for cuddles and his mummy.
    on the subject of holcombe moor (comment in previous post ) did you, like us go up there to pick and later freeze pounds of whinberries ? backbreaking work it was, but oh those yummy whinberry pies all winter !! my children used to moan about the picking but on being told "no picking no pie " set to a bit faster. we all came home stained with the juice ! I haven't been up there for a while so no pies either...sad.
    love your sentimental post
    susan x

  4. Hello! Joe doesn't so much look at his feet as try to chew them - hopefully that little chapter will come to and end once his teeth come through.

    We did indeed used to go whinberry picking up there, Tupperware at the ready! It was a yearly outing. Holcombe Hill was always full of like-minded people doing the same thing. We saw whinberries for sale at Rammy market a few weeks ago and they were very expensive. Not surprising I suppose considering they have such a short season (and take a long time to pick as they're so small).

    You don't see them growing around here - too flat and no moors. I can't wait to get back to the hills!

  5. yes , i have bought them on the markets, Bury mainly, but i think that is all imported from Poland, hence the price i suppose. i think they taste better for picking yourself, all that effort AND it's free food ! wish i had some in the freezer now, i could just go a whinberry pie 1 yummy x


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