Saturday, 10 August 2013


Yesterday morning I made a discovery. Jay got up at six and I was up soon after - usually I rise with Joe between seven and half past. 

Anyway, being up early meant I got to spend some time with Jay before he went to work. And I eased myself into the day gently rather than having to deal with Joe immediately after waking. I sat and drank coffee, ate toast and opened the kitchen door. The air was cool and damp. There was the tiniest, faintest whiff of the seasons changing. I discovered that getting up a bit earlier is a good thing.

We've been out on a few walks over the last couple of days, looking for signs of autumn. I always get excited about it coming but I think more so this year after the relentless heat.

There are lots of fruit trees nearby - apples are growing and there are red and yellow plums too. Plenty of foraging opportunities over the coming weeks.

The annual blackberry-picking jaunt will take place in Lancashire though. I have my favourite spots.

Conkers are out too. It'll be a while before Joe gets into them... I always like to bring some home from a walk but they never stay glossy and fat for long, sadly.

I can never resist stroking a friendly muzzle. This one belongs to a pony who lives down the farm track - I think he's a stallion so spends much of his time indoors (away from temptation).

We brought some of these pinecones back with us.

We used to call these fluffy seeds 'sugar stealers' when I was little. They're just getting ready to take off into the air.

I picked up a few other seasonal bits and pieces too: red leaves and seed heads to display indoors.

Oh, and I wore a jumper today too (Joe likes going barefoot though. Each to their own).


  1. Pony picture is just fabulous. In fact all your pictures are fab. I'm already looking forward to the change of seasons.

    1. Thank you! I'm still horse-mad, even after all these years... and it's nice to see other people looking forward to autumn. Jay's still clinging on to summer. Interesting how some people love the heat whilst others prefer the cooler seasons.

  2. Beautiful! I look forward to autumn too and there is a real whiff of it in the air just lately.

    1. The word 'seasonal' is made for autumn, I think... the food, the landscape and the lovely warm clothing. A treat for all the senses :)

  3. It's coming isn't it, autumn ... you can smell it in the air, first thing and last!

    1. I absolutely love it! Can't wait for the smell of woodsmoke...


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