Thursday, 29 August 2013

A birthday and a jaunt (Part One)

Someone had their first birthday today! Lots of cards and lovely gifts from friends and family... and Jay had the day off so we all got to spend it together. After a leisurely morning we headed out to Liverpool: Lark Lane and Sefton Park. We took a picnic and, of course, the camera.

Lark Lane is one of those cool, boho little pockets where students and trendy types live. Lots of independent shops (my favourites are Larks, a gift shop selling retro and vintage-inspired things, and Gasp, which is stuffed to the rafters with second-hand - sorry, pre-loved - furniture and accessories).

Gasp even has a room dedicated to fashion and sewing.

I loved the old shop fittings displaying the old quilts and crochet blankets.

There are also lots of very cool places to eat. Delis, bistros and cafes. And food from all the corners of the globe: Moroccan, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Jamaican, Italian, Arabic... also vegetarian cafes, traditional fish and chips and several gastropubs.

You don't have to be a Mason to eat and drink in this one (I think).

We sometimes go to the farmer's market on Lark Lane, which is held monthly. It's a good place to pick up plants for the garden, fruit and vegetables and sausages. 

Despite being a trendy place it's still a bit rough and ready. Plenty of 'characters' knocking around and the pavements are very grubby. But we like to go and I defy anyone to walk down the street and not feel hungry as the smells of all those exotic cuisines waft through the air...

Directly across the road lies Sefton Park. We went for a walk there and I'll tell you about that tomorrow (we took lots and lots of photos).

Happy birthday Joe!


  1. Looks a really interesting place to visit. Happy birthday to the little man.

    1. It is! We love Liverpool in general... and thankyou on Joe's behalf :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! It will continue tomorrow with a party so I'm crossing my fingers for dry weather...


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