Friday, 30 August 2013

A birthday and a jaunt (Part Two)

Hmm, looks like this post published itself rather than saving as a draft... I'm back now with words to go with the (enlarged) pictures!

So yesterday we continued our little Liverpool outing with a wander around Sefton Park. It's very big with a cafe, lake and large children's play area, and is overlooked by all the huge merchant's houses built in (presumably) the 1800s.

We always head for the Palm House. It's quiet there and atmospheric with its Peter Pan sculpture (detail above), manicured lawns and statues of famous explorers, cartographers, scientists and the like.

I suppose you might describe the glass structure as 'splendid'.

Inside there are all kinds of tropical plants from all over the world. It's very leafy and lush. You can just sit and relax and reflect.

There was, inexplicably, a large knitted giraffe too.

The scale of some of the plants is quite breathtaking. I'm not a huge fan of tropical flowers and foliage but this is the perfect setting for them. 

The Palm House also acts as a venue for plays and concerts, and you can hire it out for parties and weddings. I can picture elegant Edwardians there enjoying themselves in a proper, restrained kind of way...

The grass outside was perfect for the birthday boy to crawl about on. He was quite taken with a man and his mower.

I love all the little details, from the decorative wrought iron gates to the brass doorknobs.

If you ever fancy visiting I'd recommend going before autumn sets in. That way you'll get to see the plants in bloom (orchids, hibiscus, bougainvillea and others) and plenty of colour.

Anyway... we headed home in the afternoon. Joe had a snooze in the car then later on we took him for his first haircut. Tomorrow is his party: a lot of people in a small house and garden. I've done all the chores and the house is sparkling. In the morning I'll be baking his cake (an as yet untried recipe). Hope it works!

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