Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Little rays of sunshine

One thing I'm well aware of: I'm one of life's worriers. And I've had a few things on my mind lately (the kind that keep you awake in the early hours but really aren't that important). 

But there are things which make me realise life's not really bad. Obviously, Jay and Joe, and the fact that we have a nice house and no real worries. And the smaller little details which cheer me up on a daily basis. Today they included these sunset-coloured echinacea (just opening, above).

This dinky 1970s coffee pot (it has a little matching milk jug) - a charity shop find.

The new issue of a magazine I subscribe to dropping through the letterbox this morning.

The weather cooling down just enough to make me want to drink tea again.

Knitting wristwarmers in preparation for autumn with this yarn, which reminds me for some reason of the seaside and beachcombing. They're for the stall I've booked at the vintage and craft fair in September. But like much of the selection of spoils I'm stockpiling, it will be hard to let them go.

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