Monday, 22 July 2013


A couple of months ago we resolved to try and keep one day free each weekend. And then along came lots of commitments, invitations and other things which has meant we've been busy from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. Before we know it, Friday teatime becomes Sunday bedtime in the blink of an eye and we feel a bit stunned and not very rested.

I've been interested in 'slow' living for a while now and yesterday read up on the 'Keep Sunday Special' initiative. And although I'm not particularly religious or against shops opening on Sundays, I do think that keeping Sunday for relaxation is a good thing.

So the plan is to avoid (unless absolutely necessary) plans. On a Sunday. No food shopping, no driving about visiting, no dealing with finances... Let's call them Slow Sundays. Staying local if possible, eating, relaxing, walking, being creative, watching a film, reading. Pottering about in the garden. Whatever we feel like doing.

This Sunday just gone we stayed home. Not having plans is a bit of a luxury. I'm one of those people who struggles to switch off and do nothing. So I did clean my car inside and out (it was pretty grimy). It was a hot, dirty job but a rewarding one. I'm taking this Slow Sundays thing one step at a time... maybe next week I'll get through the day without undertaking any chores at all.

The trick is in the planning: food shopping done in advance, ditto housework. Being a big list maker I actually enjoy this part.

In other news, the forecast is for rain (and maybe thunderstorms) this week. When I was little my mum, my brother and me used to stand in the front doorway and watch the lightning and rain coming down. I love a good storm - fingers crossed one comes soon.


  1. I guess you've had that storm now ... hope you didn't get too wet!

    I do like the idea of slow Sundays, but I find when I attempt something like that I'm just trying to fit more in earlier in the week. I clearly must try harder!

  2. I miss the way sundays used to be when I was younger. there were rarely any plans - the only definite was that we spent it as a family.
    somewhere along the way society has lost a little of this.

    let's bring it back. simplicity and love.

  3. I realise this is an older post, but if you haven't come across it yet, The Wonderful Weekend Book is...wonderful! All about seasonal relaxing things to do at the weekends, and a while section on keeping Sunday restful.


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