Sunday, 7 July 2013

July goings-on

It's been a busy weekend. I'd been hoping to do some drawing and printmaking but sometimes things just come up and you have to go with it. So yesterday we went to the local carnival. My favourite float on the procession was the W.I.'s hippie-themed one.

The sign on he back read: Croft W.I. keeps jammin'.

The vintage tractors were nice too.

After a wander around the field and a glass of Pimms, we went to see friends and had a barbecue. Then Joe got to luxuriate in his bath in the garden.

Today we went to Helmshore Farmer's Market. It was really hot. Dare I say it - too hot?

We met up with my family. This is my brother and Grace, my niece. She's three at the end of July. Another birthday party!

The farmer's market is held outside the textile museum. The stalls were a bit thin on the ground (they tend to be during July and August) but we still came away with some huge pak choi, some tomatoes and two lamb steaks from a local farm.

We had a walk to see the chickens (there's an honesty box and you can buy free-range eggs). On the way I spotted some juicy-looking raspberries growing by the road. On closer inspection I think they might be tayberries or mulberries.

So we got picking (Mum: 'This is foraging!'). One good thing about carrying lots of baby things around is that there's always a Tupperware handy.

We walked past my old local. I love it in there - wonky ceilings and real fires. 

Grace likes to visit the chickens. They're quite tame and come over to see if you've got any food for them...

Although most were staying in the shade. So maybe chickens are quite sensible after all.

After a very hot car ride, we were home. Joe went upstairs for a siesta and we relaxed outside under the parasol. 

Hope you enjoyed the weather this weekend!


  1. a busy weekend indeed ! i did nothing so nice or in such cool green looking places. yesterday was lunch in manchester to meet soon to be new daughter in law, the sun seemed twice as hot there bouncing off all that stone and concrete ! i am not a sun worshipper and generally prefer to admire it from the shade, but it does lift the spirits and it is nice to have a break from the usual lashings of the wet stuff.
    your photo,s as ever are lovely
    susan x

    1. You can't win in poor old Manchester, can you? It's glum when it rains (which is a lot) and pretty stifling in summer.

      We'd open the windows at work (on Oxford Road) when it was hot - and almost choke on the bus fumes...

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

    1. It was... a busy one too! We're keeping a low profile this coming Saturday and pottering at home :)

  3. Looks like a pretty perfect weekend. But yes, I agree, it did get too hot, in fact it still is here!

    1. Here too... we're wilting along with the poor flowers outside. I like the sunshine but not the searing heat!


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