Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Other than being out and about with Joe, and going to my ceramics class, life at home has been ticking along as usual. A bit of gardening, laundry, chores and more chores... I attacked a rather large pile of ironing yesterday and was so glad to see it gone. For now.

We spend time outdoors when the weather allows. Joe now has a little swing in the garden. Everything's starting to bloom, including these sorbet-coloured dahlias. They make me think of peaches and raspberries. Maybe that's because I'm doing a bit of a detox and have cut out sugar. So lots of headaches and cravings. I'm counting down the days.

A sign of summer: lovely Sweet Williams in the house. I have some growing too, but they're in deep, vampy shades of purply red.

Joe's room is really cute. He stands up in his cot now so hopefully will take notice of things I've made, like a nautical mobile with beach finds...

And a garland I made by cutting out some leaf shapes from felt. Total cost: £1.50. Total length: around 4 metres.

We've been reading a lot too. He doesn't have much of an attention span yet though. I've still to find out what happens in Where the Wild Things Are... we actually did it as a school play when I was very little. I remember the masks and tails we wore pinned to our leotards, but not the story.

Maybe I'll just take it to bed and read it myself.


  1. My kids had the same books, as did I! Although I don't think Whatever Next was around when I was little -is it the elephant one?

    Shirley Hughes' Alfie books were our absolute faves.

    1. My friend had those books and I was very envious - I especially loved the illustrations.

      Whatever Next is about a bear trying to get to sleep when there's a lot of noise and distraction. In terms of classics, I might go for The Tiger Who Came to Tea next...

  2. Shirley Hughes was a big favourite here too, and anything quirky. I still collect unusual children's picture books for the illustrations, they can be such beautiful, meaningful objects to own.

    1. I have some old Robert Louis Stevenson books of poetry which are beautifully illustrated (and quite literally falling apart at the seams). I love them - must get them out and get all sentimental!


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