Wednesday, 10 July 2013

This and that

Just a few details from around the house... This watercolour lived in our house when I was growing up. My mum left her job as a secretary when she was expecting me, and her boss painted in his spare time. So sometime in the late 1970s she chose one of his pictures as a leaving present. I like it - it hung on the wall at Bond Street too.

We keep having mini-harvests: gooseberries, wild strawberries, potatoes, rhubarb... on the way are runner beans, courgettes and red onions.

I found this vintage tea set at a flea market and managed to haggle a bit. The sugar bowl makes a nice vessel for posies.

And I was particularly taken with this set of cups and saucers. The graphic black and white design caught my eye immediately. A charity shop find when I was here.

I've been hiding indoors today as yesterday I went visiting with Joe and spent a bit too long in the midday sun. He was sitting in a paddling pool in the shade with a sunhat and SPF 50 on. I did none of the above. It's made me feel a bit headachey and listless. Silly silly silly.

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