Sunday, 7 April 2013


It's been a busy weekend. Today we've been doing things around the house - including a few mini projects which I'll let you in on later this week.

Yesterday we went to Accrington, home of Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit (I read it as a student - it was one of the set texts for my English degree). Jeanette Winterson is one of my National Treasures. I love hearing her on the radio and I love her writing.

Anyway, I used to frequent Accrington first as a child on shopping trips with my mum or grandma, then later as a schoolgirl with my friends. We'd go on the bus and wander around the shops or go to the cinema (now redeveloped as so many of the old Odeons have been).

Like many towns, it's seen better days. Lots of empty shopfronts. Lots. There's something sad about seeing a place like that when you remember it as it once was - thriving, with long-established shops: Wardleworths (books, art supplies, stationery), Abode (cookware, art, pottery, cafe), Pets and Ponies (speaks for itself) all long gone.

Still, the indoor market has had a facelift and retains its Victorian splendour. The arcade houses mostly empty units but the architectural details are still there. And Warner Street is still full of little independents.

Revival is a treasure trove of vintage clothes and accessories. I used to visit as a student and bought jackets, jumpers and jewellery.

We called in yesterday and caught up with the lovely man who runs it. He was only too happy for us to rummage through the displays.

I bought a couple of scarves and could have spent ages in there.

Of course, 'vintage' doesn't necessarily mean 'tasteful'.

Some things were definitely more covetable than others.

It just goes to show: even those places most in need of a revival have some hidden gems. You just need to look for them. And they often come in the form of small, independent shops.


  1. i used to visit accrington a couple of times a year, but not for some time and it was lovely to visit again. i especially liked seeing the arcade which for me knocks the trafford centre into a cocked hat. imagine tho' the money and pride there once was in all these small mill towns, pride enough to spend private and public money on parks and swimming pools , libraries,schools and town halls. it made us all care about where we live i think much more than we do now.
    i think ramsbottom has fared better than most as a dormitory town and its made of stone ! which is prettier and more desirable than the red brick we mostly live in,
    how goes the crochet ? have you made your first granny square now ?

    1. You're right, Ramsbottom has done well. I go back there every few weeks or so (and hopefully will move back once this house finally sells!) - although I heard they're thinking of building another supermarket which would make a total of 4, all within about a quarter of a mile of one another... silly.
      There's a problem with the links to the crochet tutorials so Pip's working on it I think. As soon as I can access them I'll be having a go!

  2. It is a shame that a lot of our small towns seem to be dwindling away, but this shop looks lovely -the sort of shop both my daughters would love!

    1. It's great in there. Good for fancy dress parties too - I bought a 1960s dress once for a murder mystery night and still have the photos somewhere...

  3. Revival as been in Accrington for as long as I can remember with Ian at the helm of this interesting shop. I have shopped here for over 25 years I have some gorgeous vintage jewelry that I have collected over the years.
    The clothes of bygone days are far superior in the quality of both materials and manufacturing. I would also challenge you to find other genuine vintage items at the price they are here.
    And finally a tip, if you don't see what your looking for ask Ian, he as a large stock of things, God knows how he remembers all of them. Well worth the visit and that's from someone that no longer lives in England but still goes to this shop a number of times each year.


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