Friday, 5 April 2013

Five Things for Friday

It's Friday! This past week has been a tough one - I'm exhausted. I went here today (it's only a few minutes from the house) and bought a crochet hook and a 'how to' guide. I couldn't get beyond a first row of chain stitch. It made me more annoyed than it should have. 

So: don't try mastering a new skill when you're tired. And some things are easier when someone shows you how to do them in person. Although any directions to a decent online how-to would be very welcome.

Anyway... here are five things which made me smile this week:

These old books. They were given as awards for scholarly achievement during the 1950s (according to the plates stuck inside the covers). The colour illustrations are useful - I can look through them with Joe one day.

Soap and a candle in the bathroom, ready for a hot bath. Motherhood makes you ache. It entails an awful lot of lifting, carrying and endless trips up and down the stairs. Luckily he's worth it. I got a (very clumsy) round of applause when I woke him up for breakfast yesterday morning. My heart melted.

Stripes rule in the little wardrobe...

The hyacinths still smell lovely. They were bending right over so I cut them and put them in a favourite vase, bought in Prague many moons ago.

A new book to read, kindly lent. Anne of the Island can wait. One of my favourite things: the knowledge I've got some good fiction waiting upstairs (I'm hoping it's good, anyway).

We're off vintage treasure hunting and visiting family tomorrow. Have a good weekend!


  1. Hello I've recently found your lovely blog and have been enjoying reading and looking at your beautiful photos. My daughter has been trying to teach herself crochet, but like you is finding it frustrating (I can't crochet so can't help her!)She was in John Lewis today browsing the wool department and discovered that they give free advice and tuition, so she is going to give it a go. Good, if you have a John Lewis nearby.

  2. Hello! Nice to hear from you - and thanks for your comment...
    That's good to know. We're planning a John Lewis trip soon actually so will definitely ask about crochet help. There's a day-long course running nearby later in the year but I want to get started soon. My mum's a good knitter but like you can't crochet either.
    Interesting as crochet fans say it's much easier than knitting!

  3. i taught myself to crochet about 18 months ago after trying for ages on my own and asking all the old ladies i knew ! i used the little videos made by pip at "meet me at mikes ". they were really good and i was soon pressing crocheted blankets on all and sundry !
    good luck x susan

  4. Thanks for that! I'm going to have a look right now. I'm determined to make Joe a blanket of 'granny squares'. I threw two large ones out several years ago and am now kicking myself.

  5. Just catching up here and was about to recommend Meet Me at Mikes but I see I was pipped to the post. Her Granny Square 101 actually had me crocheting, though I suspect I've forgotten how since!

    1. Hi, yes - I tried to access the tutorial but there was a problem with the link so will try again.
      Got so annoyed trying to crochet by using diagrams I gave up and knitted half a pair of wristwarmers instead! Will finish the pair then have another go at crochet.
      I'm desperate to make a granny square, just to prove I can do it!


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