Monday, 8 April 2013

Flowers in the house

I didn't think I'd ever say this but... I'm starting to suffer from daffodil fatigue. This spring has been so late in coming that not much has dared show its petals yet. The seedlings in the kitchen are taking over but I daren't plant them out for another week or two. My mum's garden looked a bit empty at the weekend - a few little purply things here and there, lots of miniature daffs and bare branches. Although the mock currant is on its way (and I love mock currant, it always seems a bit 1950s somehow).

Each year I get excited when daffodils appear and I can buy a bunch still in bud and lime green, and put them in my special vase I always use for them. But I'm not buying any more this year. At the weekend I went for tulips instead and they're nice and bright: coral pink with a hint of parrot about them.

The pussy willow's still going strong (bought two months ago). That's what I call value for money. And I'm not getting tired of it either.

Even though I've had it with daffodils I'd gladly grow pots of paperwhites all year round. That goes without saying.


  1. What beautiful images! I always look forward to daffodils each year too, but, like you, I'm longing for something different now.

  2. Thank you!
    I spotted some spray roses the other day and was tempted but it seemed a bit extravagant. Maybe I need to drop some hints... or leave a list of my favourite flowers lying around!

  3. I am over Daffs too. But I do welcome any of them outside, just not at home. Thank you for joining in my link up.. hope you can come again each week! x

    1. I will! Love having outside things indoors, love photographing them...


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