Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Kitchen pink

I've mentioned before that pink isn't really my thing, but over the weekend a promising bit of sunshine made me want to bring some colour into the kitchen.

One of the good things about having a 'neutral' colour scheme throughout the house is that you can swap things around and make changes without having to decorate. As we're trying to sell at the moment we can't be too imaginative with the decor but that's no bad thing.

So I pulled out some colourful cookery books (I'm also currently into turquoise).

I picked up a little memo board for 60p and gave it a quick coat of white paint. I'm looking for some more bright things to pin to it...

These little dishes were part of the hoard I mentioned in this post...

And I do actually use these chopsticks. I bought them from Liverpool a few years ago (although one was residing in the shed - it had been utilised as a dibber for planting out seedlings last year).

Even the geranium's joining in and has put out a pink bud or two.

For someone who isn't a big fan of pink there seems to be quite a bit of it in the house. I'm now scouting around for a few more turquoise and maybe yellow things to brighten the place up ready for summer. There will be a summer.


  1. Your photos are super and turquoise and pink so pretty and summery to go with the warmer weather today!

  2. Thanks - and fingers crossed the improvement in the weather continues... I'm tired of wearing winter clothes (and I really love winter clothes)!

  3. Very nice photos. Your kitchen's looking great, I really love those little pops of colour. Oh and I couldn't agree more about the weather, I love winter but this one's really been dragging it's heels :)

  4. Isn't it? Went out today and got soaked and frozen...
    Well done on the bathroom by the way. Think I'd have to put a blindfold over the cherub's eyes though - I'm way too modest to be watched, even by a statue!


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