Thursday, 11 April 2013

A few thoughts on food

I'm not one of those people who only has to look at a cream cake to put on weight. I only have to think about looking at one. And I love food. Love it.

There are certain things I just don't have in the house: biscuits, crisps, salted nuts, cheese... I usually save those for Christmas or parties. But I do believe in having good food in the cupboards and fridge. Things like oils, hummus, olives, spices, seasonal fruit and vegetables, nice ingredients (harissa paste, Maldon sea salt, capers, Parmesan).

I'm not a fan of 'low fat' either. Margarine doesn't ever appear on the shopping lists. Skimmed milk leaves me feeling hungry shortly after breakfast (and you need energy with a baby - all that lifting and carrying and running up and down the stairs). But occasionally I find something good and low in fat, like this yogurt.

We tend not to eat all organic (mainly due to cost) but I do buy organic milk. And free range eggs (obviously). And I have a thing about not buying apples unless they're from the UK. 

I'm not a paragon of virtue. If I could get away with it, I'd eat the following several times a week:

Warm donuts in a paper bag with sugar in the bottom - like those you get at the fairground
French fries from a well-known fast food chain
Chocolate milkshake from the same 
Danish pastries (almond/cinnamon - either would do nicely)
Croissants (buttered)
Egg custards
Cornish pasties
Creme brulee.

I'll leave it there. That was just off the top of my head. I could go on. And on...

What about chocolate? Well I just buy a large bar of 70% cocoa (usually Lindt because I like it's thinness and the lovely snapping noise it makes) and ration myself to a square a day. Exciting, eh?

I can't drink tea without sugar. So I tend to have just one or two cups a day.

I do have a nasty little habit I can't kick. For all my food awareness, distrust of multinationals and all the rest of it... I can't manage to take a daily multivitamin but I ensure I get one of these down me every single day:

Oh well, nobody's perfect.


  1. I don't like coke, but I'm with you on all the other things - good and not so good!

    1. I could have gone on for ever... there are very few things I don't like!

  2. Isn't it funny how different eating habits can be! I rarely bake because I know that I just can't resist...and I don't have chocolate in the house for the same reason. I can drink pots of tea, but without sugar or (whole)milk. And we always, always have nuts and bricks of cheese in the house!
    The tomato dish looks divine...can't wait for summer produce...

    1. Me neither! New potatoes, asparagus and cherries are all on my wish list at the moment.


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