Wednesday, 3 April 2013


I love kimonos. They're just so glamorous for lounging in. Maybe that's what drew me to this old picture, bought years ago at a flea market. Although I do love the fact that she's feeding a stuffed bird with a sugar lump. You can't really imagine people posing for photos like that any more can you?

Anyway, I do own something vaguely kimono-like. It's more of a wrap I suppose - cotton and quite short. I wore it to death when I was pregnant and it's perfect for wandering around the garden on a summer's morning. Will that ever happen again I wonder? Will it ever be warm out there?

I saw this pattern in an old copy of Making magazine. I'd love to try my hand at it but need some suitable fabric first. It would look good with jeans and a white vest underneath. Yet another project to add to the (ever growing) 'would like to...' list.


  1. Hehe I love photos like that, why on earth is she feeding a stuffed bird a sugar lump, barmy?! :)

  2. i don't think i could look glamourous if my life depended on it !
    and it has to be a stuffed bird because it would peck the silly girl's eye out !!!

  3. Just catching up here ... I'm so behind with everyone!

    Have read back ... Hurrah for Joe sitting up, the mayhem will begin when he can properly get about ;) Gorgeous old teacups! And I have hyacinths too, the scent is perfection!!

    And that kimono photograph ... I'd have been fighting you for that if we'd been in the shop at the same time!!!

    1. I'm with you on being behind - this past week's felt hectic with that horrible feeling of doing lots of things at once and finishing nothing at all.

      Strange how some of us are attracted to photos of complete strangers from years ago. It's difficult explaining to someone that no, it isn't an ancestor, you just liked the picture. People either understand or they don't!


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