Sunday, 3 March 2013


I was looking forward to the weekend. We had plans (a trip to the farmer's market in Helmshore and a long walk). So I was pretty dismayed to wake up yesterday - sun streaming in - to realise I had food poisoning/some strange vomiting bug. That's why I didn't write a blog post.

So much of the day was spent in bed feeling horrible and nauseous and shivering. I couldn't even keep drinks of water down. The thought of staring at a computer screen was a bit much.

Luckily for me, Jay is the kind of person who takes care of me, Joe and pretty much everything else as a matter of course. So while I stayed home and suffered he took Joe out and did the shopping. And he brought me back some anemones to cheer me up.

I was a bit worried about getting too near the baby in case whatever I had was catching, so Jay took care of him all day and evening. And for his part, Joe was impeccably behaved.

So I've just eaten for the first time since Friday. And I feel a bit wobbly but am getting better. Normal blogging has resumed. This post is just to say thank you to my two lovely boys (Jay will no doubt cringe when he reads this but I don't care).

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