Monday, 4 March 2013

Good things

Joe's been ill too - turns out it's gastroentiritis. But the good news is he's on the mend. Here are a few little things which have made life that bit nicer today:

A jar of newly-sharpened pencils just asking to be doodled with.

The house number from my great grandmother's farm in Poland (not sure about the bullet marks!)

There are some nice projects in this book. I need to get some Liberty fabric to make them. It ain't cheap.

Washing blowing in the breeze. For the first time this year. I love line-dried bedding, and so will Joe.

My favourite bracelet, bought from a shop called 'Beauty by the Sea' in Nantucket, back in 2005. I'm surprised it hasn't been broken yet. And hope that by saying that I'm not tempting fate...


  1. Have a sudden urge to sharpen pencils. Hope Joe is better soon -all the best people get gastroenteritis.

    1. Apparently so! Thank you for that. And be careful with the pencil sharpening - I went a bit mad and now have blisters.


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