Monday, 18 February 2013

The Good Life

No, I'm not repeating this post again.

We did more outdoors work today (and I have the back ache to prove it). The sun was shining, Joe was dozing and there was nowhere else I'd rather have been. Well, maybe Central Park. But I mean, within reason.

The rhubarb was waving hello to the sun (and growing steadily).

I have seeds ready to plant. And a pot full of marigold seeds harvested from last year. Although it's a bit early yet, so I got on with more mundane tasks like digging over the raised beds and emptying out old pots.

I did take a few cuttings though - like Alpine strawberries. I'm not sure I like them that much, as I think they have a sort of bubblegum flavour, but they're still nice to look at and maybe Joe will like them.

It was while we were creating our own little piece of The Good Life that I heard on the radio Richard Briers had died. It made me feel quite sad.

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