Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Kitchen essentials

Even though our decor is currently 'neutral' (to appeal to those potential buyers), I've always had a thing for a white kitchen. So when we replaced the original 1980s units last summer, we went for white gloss cupboard doors and pale beech effect worktops. We were also working within a tight budget and you'd be amazed what a bit of shameless haggling can achieve.

So here's a quick tour of the kitchen by way of my 'essentials'. And yes, I have been playing in Photoshop.

We don't have wall cupboards, just base units, an open shelf/rail and a large larder-style unit in a corner. There's still enough storage space.

The blackboard gets lots of use. We write the shopping list on it then photograph it with our phones to take shopping. Is that a bit too organised? Anyway, it's just a piece of MDF painted with blackboard paint. And it covers the wall we couldn't afford to have replastered.

I keep my favourite cookery books out all the time and the rest are in a cupboard. And you can see my beloved Magimix. It's what I call a major investment buy.

Hooks on doors are good for storage too. The bag houses packets of crisps (not mine).

I often decant things into jars. And have learned the hard way that labelling types of flour is very important.

Fridge magnets are handy for sticking recipes up. Currently we have spiced pork belly. The pancake one is a permanent fixture.

I also need things that make me smile. The picture at the back is a photo we took and sent out as Christmas cards a few years ago.

I like having things in containers so I can get to them easily. We have cutlery for the two of us in a San Pellegrino lemonade can, but the best packaging is to be found at Chinese supermarkets.

The radio is on a lot. And the tiling was done for free by a (very patient) friend - we bought the tiles though. We're not that cheeky.

The hanging rail is good for storing the utensils I use most often. They don't go for long enough between washings-up to get greasy.

So there you go - the busiest, sunniest room in the house.

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