Sunday, 17 February 2013

A well-earned rest

I've always considered daytime bathing to be the height of decadence. After all, unless you get up extremely early (or work a late shift), many of us don't have time to have a bath in the morning. Not a relaxing one anyway. And stopping halfway through the day to get into a hot bath isn't usually practical either.

It's always been part of the Christmas day ritual, along with a luxurious breakfast, but today we definitely earned a long languish in the tub before tea.

I was up early with Joe (Jay's been doing most of the mornings with him this week). By 'early', I mean before 8am. He sleeps through every night but that may change. I sincerely hope it doesn't. Anyway, I did the usual baby routine and then cut my hair. It turned out OK - it was only a trim - if a bit jagged. Fortunately it's also quite curly and that hides a multitude of sins.

We spent most of the afternoon in the sunshine painting the shed and preparing the garden (digging, moving borders) for the fun bit - spring planting. I also made a big pan of lentil, carrot and potato soup, and steamed and pureed some vegetables for Joe. They're now in the freezer in little pots.

Today has been productive. I feel pleased. The shed is no longer a behemoth in blonde wood. It recedes a bit.

Oh, and I've lost half a stone since January.

The afternoon bath was well and truly deserved.

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