Thursday, 7 February 2013


Sometimes you just see things - people, animals, objects, places even - that give you a little pang of I don't know what. Sadness? Sympathy? Longing for simpler times? Like this forlorn pig, sitting in the window of an empty farmhouse we explored last summer. He belonged to someone once.

There's also a sense of curiosity. This bookmark was hiding inside a secondhand book I bought a few years ago.

Who were Peggy and Alice? Friends? Sisters? Colleagues or neighbours?

This was another picture found inside a book. I love how they all look so happy. Maybe they're just about to set off on a ramble, maybe they've just got back. There are some interesting hairstyles and glasses. And trousers...

I actually paid for this photo. I saw it at a stall selling antique clocks. It tugged at my heartstrings. The man looks so proud of that chair - I can only assume he made it himself.

Isn't he sweet? I wonder if he was local and if he had a happy life. I hope so. If you can be so pleased with something so simple, I'd imagine you'd be pretty content with your lot.

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