Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sharp and bright

There are definitely signs of life in the garden. The rhubarb is more or less indestructable - we moved it a few weeks ago to make way for a shed and it seems quite happy in its new spot. Last year there was lots of it so I got plenty of compote, cake (I use Nigella's Damp Apple and Almond Cake recipe, substituting apple for rhubarb) and crumble. And the colour's so vivid - zingy pink and acid green.

It was sunny and bright today but bitterly cold. I took Joe out to Culcheth for a few provisions and a quick walk. Of course, I had a good look in people's gardens and spotted lots of snowdrops and green shoots poking their way out of the soil.

And we had hot and sour soup for tea - suitably sharp, warming flavours for a day as cold as today. I could eat this a few times a week. Noodles, ginger, chilli, pork, noodles, lime juice, nam pla, soy, garlic, mushrooms, baby corn, pak choi. Another Nigella recipe (slightly modified). Eaten by candlelight from my favourite bowls.


  1. Bright pink rhubarb to look forward to, excellent. I love that photo of the rhubarb poking out of the earth.

    1. Me too - nice to see a bit of colour. Speaking of colour, I've spotted a few kingfishers as my parents had a little boat on the Lancaster canal. But they're very elusive birds. I literally saw a flash of turquoise and that was it.
      I hope when you see one, you get a good long look!


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