Friday, 8 February 2013

Details (part two)

After my big wardrobe clear out, there were items which went straight onto the 'keep' pile. Like the paisley-patterned blouse/top/whatever you'd call it (we've been here before) my mum bought me a month or so ago.

And this green and black dress. I wore it to a very glamorous museum re-opening a few years ago, one of the few opening events where I wasn't working. So I got to wander around eating canapes, drinking champagne and making merry. Oh, and admiring the museum of course.

I love this dress. It's silk and the print is very 1940s.

This silk top I've worn to death - for work and even through my pregnancy. I bought it from Urban Outfitters years ago and liked it so much I got another in grey (both were in the sale and a bargain).

I bought the earrings when I left my job at The Manchester Museum (from the shop). They're by Tatty Devine and remind me of all the good times I had working there.

Oh, and an update: I got rid of two bags. I'm thinking of losing a couple more. But I'm struggling to decide exactly when well-loved becomes plain old shabby. 

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