Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Joe and I are loving Jay being home this week - even though it's flying by (as we knew it would). And a combination of miserable weather and a bit of free time meant I got the chance to finally use some fabric I bought a couple of years ago.

I bought it from an interiors shop near where my mum lives. The girl who runs the shop also makes curtains and soft furnishings. Any leftover fabric (often high quality stuff) is folded and displayed in vintage chests and suitcases, and sold at super-reasonable prices.

When I first saw this embroidered wool, I had to have it. Grey's my colour and I love the folksy design. So yesterday I dusted off the sewing machine and got to work. 

Both cushions now take pride of place on the bed. And the best thing is, there's still a lot of fabric left over. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

In other news - I washed and ironed these napkins (bought many moons ago from here). They're so pristine and pretty I've never dared use them.

I suspect a tomato sauce spillage would spell the end.

I know I could maybe stitch them together into a cafe-style curtain, but I'm over my French country look at the moment. Maybe they'll just be stored until we live abroad (pipe-dream) or until I'm brave enough to use them for their original purpose.

But nobody gets to use this one - it's my favourite.

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