Tuesday, 12 February 2013


I don't really write that many posts exclusively about Joe, but the fact is that we spend all of every day together. Sometimes it's hard work but he's very sweet natured and is rarely demanding or upset for long. And he's almost six months old - I can't believe how much he's grown.

I'm no expert on babies, this being my first one. I try to avoid looking things up online unless absolutely necessary so don't have that big an idea of what he should be doing and when. Of course, I go to mum's groups and baby clinics so we trade tips and worries.

Joe's tried a few different purees (he's keen on fruit especially) and he enjoys being in his high chair. Eating's quite a messy business - especially as he likes to keep an eye on what's going on around him at the same time.

He's mastered the art of rolling over and there's a lot of leg-kicking and foot chewing at the moment. We've just started putting him in a cot (the Moses basket was sounding a bit creaky what with all the gymnastics).

He loves making new sounds - some are quite ear-splitting - and the cat has a look of fear in its eyes most of the time. And he smiles and laughs all day too. Every day he does something new. And even though it's sad each time I have to remove another outgrown outfit from the wardrobe, I feel excited at all the new things we can do together as he grows. 

I always insisted I didn't want children. And I completely understand people who choose not to. But I can honestly say Joe's the best thing I ever did. And thinking about it today I realised that, having experienced being a mum so far, I'm glad we went for it and know we'll never regret it.

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