Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Simple essentials #1: a flask

I'm one of those people who likes structure. Not to the point that it restricts me in any way but I see no harm in maybe doing a series of occasional (weekly?) posts on things I take pleasure in using often.

I've mentioned before that I used to work in a museum. It had a cafe. Directly below my office. So each morning, I'd tell myself that having risen at six and driven 20 frustrating miles to get to work, I deserved a coffee.

The coffee itself was - by general consensus - pretty bad. But I'd got into the whole ritual of heading downstairs, chatting to colleagues in the queue, people-watching (the service was also pretty bad so there was plenty of time to kill), then heading back up to my desk with a cardboard sippy cup in my hand.

Even with a staff discount this little habit wasn't cheap. It wasn't even tasty. But I found a childlike comfort in that sippy cup and the whole cafe routine.

You've no doubt read in many a magazine/newspaper article that these little daily purchases Add Up. It's true. These days I have an annual festive coffee with all the syrupy trimmings, and other than that - I don't bother. I use a flask. This one here:

Drinking from a flask takes me back to being little. To bank holiday picnics on freezing beaches in Wales, or sitting in the car watching the rain.

Yesterday I went for a walk in the (short-lived) sunshine, found a quiet spot with Joe and sat and drank tea. It was lovely.

Tea's my drink of choice where flasks are concerned, although coffee works too - especially with a tot of something in it. One word of advice: buy a good one. There are few things worse than a leaky flask. This one would be nice to own, and would no doubt last many years.

Images from and Lakeland Limited

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