Thursday, 21 February 2013


At the moment, I have to be very careful with the bits of free time I manage to get. These small windows are usually filled with the things I used to do whenever I felt like it and often at a leisurely pace (taking a shower and drinking tea come to mind).

This blog is something I try to factor in each day. And later in the evening - if we're not watching something we've recorded on the TV - I enter the strange little worlds of Pinterest and Tumblr.

I have to say that the latter is my favourite. There's something very unchallenging about scrolling through endless photographs posted by the people I follow. And it's quite good for finding inspiration. But I've also identified the kinds of things I'm attracted to, the subjects which speak to me and catch my eye.

It's interesting. I've discovered that I go for the following (in no particular order):

Blue things
Pine forests
Anything relating to the sea
Brown and tan objects - wood and leather
Books (old ones)
Scientific diagrams and charts
Mechanical things
Old cameras

I have absolutely no idea what it all points to. I'm sure there's some deep meaning in there somewhere. Maybe I was a seafaring, explorer type in a previous life. It's quite surprising actually; I'd have assumed I'd go for pretty, pastelly things like bone china and flowers and cakes.

Strange how you can gain an insight into the inner workings of your mind just by looking at a load of random photos taken by strangers. The magical wonders of the internet...

All photos taken by me


  1. Your list of images makes a kind of poem.

    1. Reminds me of my teaching days!


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