Friday, 25 January 2013

The bigger picture

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A short post today as it's been a long week and a long day. But I've been thinking about this for a while now (often in those strange hours when you lie awake) and it's time I committed it to virtual paper.

Things I don't aspire to:
Earning a huge salary
Driving a big car
Owning gadgets
Living in a big house
Going to 'in' places
The approval/acceptance of others based on the above factors

Things which are important:
Making plans and realising them
Spending time with people I care about
Avoiding people who are materialistic/judgmental/shallow
Paying the bills and having a bit left over
Giving Joe a happy childhood
Doing the things which I enjoy

It's not about seeking approval and acceptance through the things you own. I've lived in a big house, earned a good salary, driven an expensive car, been on lots of holidays... and was miserable. I've lived in a small, rented house, taken the bus and been on weekends away with my mum. I was happy living within my means and taking pleasure in the small things.

Stuff isn't what matters. To me, at least.

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