Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wardrobe serendipity

I would love to have just a clothes rail in the bedroom with my 'capsule wardrobe' on it - decorative, minimal... and very unlikely to ever happen. The compromise would probably be a rail with pretty things on it and the rest of my stuff stashed behind closed doors.

Last weekend I cleared my wardrobe. A lot of things went, including clothes I like but realistically never wear. The few 'office' outfits were bagged up. I still have some smart items but I don't want to work in the kind of place where I'm expected to dress in an anonymous way. Clothes should reflect how you feel and express who you are.

I also got rid of my maternity clothes. Partly because I didn't buy many to begin with (so they were pretty worn out) and partly because I'm ready to reacquaint myself with my pre-baby (PB) things.

Anyway... I've lost weight but currently only fit into one pair of PB jeans. No problem - I'll wear them until I lose a few more pounds and can get into my others.

But this morning, they died. They were old, worn thin and they just died. Cue the need for a pair of interim jeans. But when I was out shopping I had a realisation: there were 4 pairs of old jeans in a bag waiting to be sold/donated. Because fortunately, I haven't got around to photographing everything ready to put on the web.

So no need to try on lots of pairs and no need to buy some 'just for now'. I'll put up with the old ones for a bit longer. And I have a perfect incentive to keep up with the healthy diet and exercise regime. Because there are several pairs of very nice PB jeans in my newly-edited wardrobe waiting to be worn again. Sometimes things just work out.

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